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Whether you have a startup, small, or big business, branded umbrellas can come in handy. They are an effective promotional tool that will increase sales and spread brand awareness. If your customers live in areas where it rains, you have a lucrative chance to make your brand known.

However, promotional umbrellas are not the cheapest promotional tool. Additionally, they are not the most straightforward endeavour for small businesses. Therefore, you might be wondering if these items are worth the investment.

First of all, you are a good business person for asking yourself this question. Like every other promotional item, printing umbrellas is an investment. Therefore, you have to consider the cost before investing in promotional umbrellas.

While promotional umbrellas are not the cheapest promotional materials, they are a good investment. This is because promotional umbrellas work like mobile billboards. Wherever the user goes, so does your brand.

Benefits Of Umbrella Branding

  • Umbrellas are useful.

Using umbrellas as promotional tools is smart because they are valuable items. When you select a promotional item that will help consumers in years to come, you gain their favour. Umbrellas will help users with rainy weather. Therefore, they are an ideal promotional tool. Additionally, different umbrellas are suitable for sunny weather, pop-up stalls, and other decorative purposes. They are ideal for everyone!

  • Umbrellas have ample printing space.

Another significant advantage of umbrellas is the ample printing space. Umbrellas have a wide surface for branding. Therefore, you have the opportunity to brand creatively. You can select large images and graphics, multiple messages, and a full design. You can also print on the handle. The large printing service means extra visibility. Plenty of people who are out and about will see your brand easily.

  • Umbrellas come in varieties.

Another advantage of umbrellas is the variety. Umbrellas come in different sizes and styles. There are rain umbrellas, sun umbrellas, mini-umbrellas, stall umbrellas, and more. Therefore, you can brand multiple ones and provide them as promotional items. Clients can pick their preferences, making your promotion more successful since it includes everyone’s needs.

  • Umbrellas are long-lasting.

And finally, umbrellas are long-lasting. Compared to other marketing items such as pens and T-shirts, umbrellas last longer. Pens easily get lost while clothing items fade or tear. Since umbrellas are not everyday-use items, they last longer. As a result, consumers can get years of use out of their promotional umbrellas. This means that consumers keep umbrellas longer than other promotional items.

Types Of Umbrella Printing

  • Screen printing

Screen printing is a method where a printing service provider makes a mesh with a stencil of your logo burned into it. The provider then squeezes ink through the screen and onto the umbrella panel. This form of printing supports solid colors, and it is an economical method of printing umbrellas.

  • Heat transfer printing

This form of printing sees the provider digitally printing the logo onto a vinyl substrate, cutting it out, then heat pressing it onto the panel. This form of printing is excellent for multi-color logos and logos with gradients. Therefore, if you have a detailed logo, this form of printing will create a beautiful print with all the small details.

In this method, the provider prints all the panels in full color. The dye particles in ink change into gas and bond onto the fabric’s fibres. This versatile printing method allows you to accomplish anything. It is not expensive, and we recommend this option.

  • Embroidery

While embroidery is not the ideal form of printing for umbrellas, it creates an effect. When you combine it with traditional printing methods, it creates beautiful logos and images on the surface of the umbrella. In addition, it is long-lasting and gives your promotional umbrella a unique finish.

Get Branded Umbrellas Today!

You can get unique branded promotional umbrellas of different sizes from us. We are specialists in printing umbrellas, but more than that, we will help you create a good, sustainable design to make your brand stand out.

We invest in state-of-the-art technology to give you the best services. Therefore, expect beautiful results, detailed logos, and vibrant colors each time. Furthermore, we offer our umbrella printing services at an affordable price. So please do not wait any longer; contact us for branded umbrellas today.

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