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From Ksh. 25 per card

Business Cards Printing Services in Kenya

Business Cards printing services in Nairobi and in other major towns in Kenya can now be accessed easily just right at where you are. Print Shop Kenya offers the best business cards printing solutions to any form of business you operate. We make it easy for you to create that first winning impression when marketing your business, brand or event.

In addition, to ensure you standout than the rest when marketing your brand. We offer different types of business cards products. Starting with the paper type, we print most of our business cards products using premium quality heavy-weight art-paper both glossy (shiny) or matt. We also print on other industry standard papers such as ivory, embossed and scented silver heavy papers available in the Kenyan market. When it comes to finishing, you as the client have options to choose what type of finishing you want in your business cards. We have both lamination and UV coating finishes. Different types of lamination offered by Print Shop Kenya are:
Matt/gloss films, Frost (rough) film and leather lamination films.

  • Single-sided Business Cards

Single-sided business cards or 1 Side Business Cards are the most popular in Kenyan business cards world. These types of business cards in most cases measures 8cm x 5 cm in size. We print them on Ivory, matt/gloss art-paper 300gsm and 350gsm. Single-sided business cards are the cheapest of all business card types in Kenyan market when it comes to pricing. This is because of less ink consumption by printers during production. Moreover, single sided business cards comes with gloss, matt, leather, frost films and UV coating finishes. As the client, you may choose not to have your business cards laminated at all. As Print Shop, we also offer round-cornering options to make the business cards look polished and professional.

  • Double-sided Business Cards

Double-sided business cards are the second most popular type of business cards in Kenya. These type of business cards are printed on both sides.  With the aim of filling more information about the brand. They are also used to separate some information to be put on each sides. Most of the people use double-sided business cards to show decency and to add weight to their brand, something that makes it easy to win a client.
In addition to that, double-sided business cards from Print Shop are printed on most of the common paper types in the Kenyan Market. Ivory 300gsm, Art-Paper 300 & 350 gsm (both matt and gloss), Embossed heavy-weight papers and scented silver papers 300gsm.

  • Folded Business Cards – Four-sided Business Cards

Folded business cards (4-sided business cards) are the least popular in the Kenyan market. These are normal size business cards but with two leaflets. As Print Shop, we design these business cards to make them fit a lot of information to help our clients communicate effectively to their target audience. Folded business cards, as their counterparts; Single-sided & Double-sided business cards, are printed on Ivory 300 gsm, Art papers 300gsm & 350gsm, silver papers with gloss,matt, frost, leather films and UV coating finishes.


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