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Canvas printing in Kenya | Canvas framed photos Nairobi prices

Photos are one of the best ways to retain those irreplaceable memories that people hold dear. From weddings to family portraits, photos capture those fleeting moments and ensure that you can tell stories for generations.

However, traditional photos do not have the same appeal as they used to have before. Printing photos is a unique way to show off your favourite photos and can turn any ordinary wall into captivating stories.

Let us have a look at some of the advantages of printing your photos on a framed canvas.

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Why Should You Print Photos on Canvas?

1.    They look more appealing

Framed canvas images give a new perspective to photos. Unlike the mainstream regular pictures, canvas adds a distinctive touch, leaving an immediate artistic impression.

The texture of the fabric is like an expensive oil painting, making the image more beautiful and adding a touch of luxury to the house. Framed canvas turns simple photos into small pieces of art that will complement your house’s interior.

Furthermore, colours on canvas appear darker and more saturated, creating more vivid and alive scenes, compared with traditional prints, which often struggle to bring the colours to life.

2.    Get high-quality photos

Canvas printing is also the best way to go if you are looking for high-quality photos around the house or office. While traditional photographs look flat on the wall, canvas photos have a way of standing out, almost like a three-dimensional photograph.

The material’s texture adds more depth to the picture, giving them a more realistic feel. This brings more life into the picture, attracting anyone’s attention when they enter a room.

3.    They are more durable

Thirdly, framed canvas photos are more durable than traditional photos. Unlike paper, canvas is made from a strong blend of plain-woven cotton and linen fabric. Mixing the cotton with a synthetic fibre makes the material water-resistant and, in some cases, waterproof.

Furthermore, canvas printing requires high-quality ink to keep the photo vibrant and clear. As the ink settles, it becomes infused into the fabric, making it harder to remove, fade or chip.

Canvas photos are sturdier and more heavy-duty, meaning they can withstand heat, pressure, and exposure to water and light. This durability is why canvas paintings and photos hundreds of years old still exist today in perfect condition.

4.    No glares

Another benefit of having canvas photos around the house is that you do not have to deal with glare. Glossy paper photos might look good hanging on a wall. However, if the light hits the photos at a different angle, or you have a fully lit house, the glossy paper reflects most of the light, making it impossible to see the pictures.

On the other hand, framed canvas paintings do not have this issue. Because the photo is printed on fabric, the canvas absorbs most of the light, eliminating glare. This makes framed canvas photos ideal for hanging in any room without worrying about too much light.

5.    They are easy to hang

Contrary to what most people would think, canvas paintings are not heavy. Though the material is strong and sturdy, it is also pretty light. Hanging framed photos is not hard. Unlike traditional photos, you do not have to worry about the picture frame glass breaking if the photo falls.

6.    Canvas photos are easily customizable

Unlike glossy photos, canvas material comes in a variety of sizes. You do not need to worry about cropping details before printing. You can easily print photos of any size and build a frame around it, retaining all the details you want to remember on your special day.

How To Print and Frame Canvas Photos

Canvas is printed just like other normal photos on glossy paper. The canvas images are printed using an inkjet printer that sprays and deposits ink onto the fabric.

However, most high-quality canvas prints use special inks that set into the fabric after the printer deposits them. Eco-solvent pigmented inks are among the most commonly used inks. Not only do they provide high-quality images, but they are also more permeable into the fabric, giving sharper photos that are more permanent than dye-based inks.

Once printing is done, the canvas is left for a few minutes to ensure the ink settles and infuses into the material. Then, a varnish coating is applied to the canvas to make the colours more vibrant and sharper, and the photo is left to dry.

Afterwards, the canvas is placed and stapled on the blackboard before putting inside a frame.

 Why You Should Choose Us to Print Canvas Photos

Canvas printing is delicate; you need the right experts to handle it. At Print Shop, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality printing at every step.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

  1. Latest printing technology: We understand how important it is to save those memorable moments. That is why we use the best printers and inks to preserve these images you have entrusted to us. This enables us to print high-quality canvas photos that will last for generations.
  2. Transparency: We offer straightforward services that guide you through the canvas printing process. Additionally, our team is willing to address any printing-related questions so that you can have the perfect collection you deserve.
  3. Dependable: We are dedicated to providing the most reliable printing service.  We ensure all deadlines are met, and your photos arrive on time.


If you are considering getting framed photos for your house, your best bet is to get them printed on canvas. Unlike traditional glossy paper, canvas photos offer a unique and artistic feel that makes your images look more elegant and luxurious. Colours in a canvas are darker and more saturated, creating more vivid images.

In addition, canvas material is sturdier than paper, making it more durable and lasting longer after printing. Additionally, while printing, ink sets and infuses into the fabric of the canvas, making images sharper and more vibrant while preventing the ink from fading over time.  The texture of the fabric also makes photos look more realistic, with better contrast between highlights and shadows in an image.

Are you looking for a printing service for canvas photos? Rest assured; we are here to help. Print Shop KE provides high-quality printing services for any business or individual for canvas, clothes, stationery, and merchandise. Contact us today if you need any help.

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