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Banner Printing services in Nairobi Kenya | Print Vinyl Banners

Print Shop Kenya offers a wide range of PVC banners printing solutions for businesses Kenya. Printed banners has a drastic impact on your business or brand visibility.

High resolution printed PVC banners are made of premium heavy-weight canvas materials. In addition, they are printed using top quality inks. This is to make sure the banners serve your business for a long time. As the leading banners printing company in Kenya, we have revised our printing prices. This is to make our printed products affordable to everyone operating a business in Kenya.

Furthermore, making your brand, business or event outstanding starts with getting noticed. Print Shop recommends you have a well designed and printed display banners. They will make you look better and beat competition around you with ease. Some of our printed display banner solution items include:

  • Roll-up Banners

Printed roll-up banners are also known as pull-up banners, pop-up banners or banner stands  in the printing industry in Kenya.

Moreover, Roll-up banners are the best display solution when it comes to trade shows and events. Roll-up Banners’ self-standing nature and spacious surface make them suitable for advertising events. In addition, Roll-up Banners printing services in Kenya from Print Shop are offered to you at a huge discounts. With free artwork design and and free delivery.

In addition, Roll-up banners comes with two bottom-base sizes,  Wide Base and Narrow Base. They are printed on a smooth premium quality satin PVC material to show every detail in your artwork.

  •  PVC Backlit

Printed backlits from print shop Kenya are the best and cheapest way of creating eye-catching light box for your shop or office. This PVC special banner material comes in handy when used in light boxes.  Backlits have special features that allow them pass light from the back to the front side.

The feature that allows your artwork details become much visible in dark. We print these top quality backlit materials at a pocket friendly cost. From Nairobi to Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Nyeri and other major places in Kenya.

  • Teardrop Banners

Teardrop banners printing services from Print Shop are the cheapest you can get in Nairobi Kenya. They are printed on a high quality flag material that is 90% translucent. This feature makes them visible on both sides. In addition, these teardrop display banners comes in 3.5 metres and 4.5 metres sizes.

  • Backdrop Banners

Printed Backdrop Banner prices are revised to make sure they fit your printing budget. We print waterproof backdrop banners to be used in film and photography backgrounds. The PVC banner material is tear-resistant.

This is a feature that makes them easier to handle when rolling and transporting to different photo or film shooting scenes. The backdrop banner pack consists of the PVC banners with eyelets, and the back metallic support-structure.

  • Reflective Honeycomb Banners

Reflective honeycomb banners are an improved version of normal PVC Display banners. They have shinny surface which reacts to light and reflect in the dark. This glowing PVC banner is weatherproof and it is suitable for creating road-side signages.

This is due to their reflecting reaction nature to the light. Their surface looks similar to that of Reflective Branding Honeycomb Sticker. They have the same reflecting effect when it comes to lights.


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