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If you are looking for affordable book printing services in Nairobi, look no further than Print Shop. We have the best book printing services in town!

We are dedicated to serving our clients. That is why we have invested in the best products and equipment. When you choose to work with us, you choose high-quality services, creative problem-solving solutions, and excellent customer service.

And how do we remain on top of the book printing game?

High-Quality Paper

We use:

  • Laser Paper. This is the most common type of printing paper. It has a matte finish that speeds up drying and prevents smudging.
  • Cover Board Paper. This paper is thick and ideal for long-lasting use. It is suitable for creating book covers since it can withstand pressure without tearing.
  • Inkjet Paper. This is thicker paper and is ideal for printing color-popping images.
  • Bond paper. This paper is thick with a textile-like feel ideal for artistic uses. This paper prevents ink smearing and is ideal for cutting ink costs.
  • Art paper. this paper comes in glossy or matte and is thicker than inkjet paper. It is ideal for printing high-quality images.

No-Bleed Ink

No-bleed ink is an essential factor that enhances our book printing services. We invest in high-quality ink to reduce cases of bleeding, which could ruin the book. The ink dries quickly and adhesives to the paper well.

This factor also helps if the book becomes wet. The ink will not bleed into the pages when it comes in contact with water. This way, your readers can simply dry the book and keep reading.

Design Services

Sometimes, you have the content but not an efficient and easy-to-read design. That is where we come in! We also offer design services to make your book readable and easy to follow.

We provide these services for manuals, inspirational or motivational books, novels, and even storybooks. We will help with creating a desirable design. These services also extend to creating illustrations and other graphic design services.

Long-Lasting Binding

We use two main binding methods.

  • Perfect binding. This is a popular form of binding ideal for softcover books and magazines. We use cover board paper for the cover. We bind the pages and covers with solid and flexible PUR glue. It gives a professional, appealing look, and you can bind over 500 pages with this method.
  • Saddle stitch binding. This is another popular bookbinding method. We fold sheets of paper and nest them within each other. We then attach the folded sheets with a staple through the fold. This is ideal for short stories and small manuals of 100 pages or less. This binding method holds well and creates professional-looking books. Plus, it is cost-effective.

Affordable Prices

And finally, we strive to keep everything affordable for the community. Therefore, you can expect competitive prices per industry standards on our book printing and design services. You can contact us through our website to learn more about pricing.

We Extend Our Book Printing Services To:

  • Novels. Let us help you bring your stories to life with high-quality printing services. We print novels, including durable covers, full-colored printed work, desirable fonts, and pages. We will ensure you reach your readers in style.
  • Storybooks. We print children’s storybooks and other short story compilations. This included artistic elements such as pictures and illustrations. We will ensure the storybook is bright and legible.
  • Manuals. Need manuals for specific pieces of technology? You do not have to look far because we can help you with this. We print work and machine manuals for different purposes. We include all the details, illustrations, and other aspects you need in the manual.
  • Religious books. We print holy books for Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and more. We will ensure that the books are legible and long-lasting.
  • Education books. And finally, we extend our services to educational books. We serve different education levels, including primary, secondary, college, and university. We also print inspirational books.

Call Us For Book Printing!

Ready to take over with your novel or inspirational book? Your readers deserve high-quality books with colorful images, high-quality illustrations, and durable paper. We can help you achieve this and more.

Contact Print Shop today for the best book printing services. We are friendly, affordable, and dedicated to your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a turnaround time of 1-2 days for deliveries within Nairobi and 3-4 days for other major towns in Kenya.

We accept M-Pesa, Visa and Mastercard.

No, we do not offer free shipping at this time.

Yes we have a pick-up point in Nairobi. No. 9 Mpaka road westlands, opposite Fedha Plaza.

You can reach us by phone at +254746174084, or by email at [email protected]

We offer Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Sublimation and Vinyl/Heat press.

We do not have a return policy for already printed items. It is the customer’s responsibility to proofread and approve the artwork before printing. We are only responsible for print quality and product finishing such as glue work and cutting. Customers should also be aware that there might be some slight color variations since artworks can appear differently on different screens.

No, we do not have a size chart. This feature will available soon.

We do not currently have a feature for account creation on our website.

We offer repeat customer discounts, where customers can bargain prices with our sales team.

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