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Packaging Boxes | Branded packaging boxes Kenya

For many businesses, packaging only seems like a way to protect items during transportation and delivery. However, there is more to packaging than most entrepreneurs were led to believe. Branding packages can be an essential marketing tool for any business, emphasising the brand and quality of products sold.

Customers are always excited about any new products they have purchased. The unboxing experience, whether it is a new pair of shoes or a computer, fills people with a flood of emotions and nostalgia. Entrepreneurs can use this once-in-a-lifetime experience to make it memorable and enhance brand awareness.

Let us look at some advantages of branding packages for your clients.

Why is Branding Small Package Boxes Important?

1.    Create a first impression

Making a good first impression on customers is essential for any business, especially in a competitive market. In most cases, small packages are often thrown out or discarded after customers get their items. You do not want your business’s first encounter with clients to be ordinary; you should always stand out.

Branding your package boxes can elevate your customers’ boxing experience. A nice, uniquely designed, and branded package can leave a lasting impression that will be carried forever. The packages will create a sense of excitement and anticipation, encouraging customers to interact with a product and learn more about your business.

2.    Differentiate your business from others

Secondly, branded packages also make a business stick out from the crowd. It might seem cheaper not to have plain packages with only the customers’ names printed at the top, but it will hurt a company’s brand in the long run.

With more and more people appreciating visual designs, a well-branded package is the key to differentiating your company. Just like visually appealing products will call for attention, a good branded package emphasises the uniqueness of a brand, ensuring it stands out from the rest.

3.    Get your brand recognized

Branded package boxes can also help businesses improve their brand recognition. As we previously stated, unique branding helps packages stand out. By using eye-catching visuals and innovative designs, packages can call attention to your brand, arousing curiosity and a need for more engagement with your business.

Furthermore, branded packages can also be custom-made to fit your clients’ taste and appeal. Businesses with multiple client bases can use branded packages to focus on aspects that resonate with those audience bases. For example, the colour and design of clothes packaging can be calm and comforting, while electronic packaging can have a techy and aggressive design.

4.    Increase your business’s perceived value

Branding small package boxes is also a great way for businesses to use storytelling to connect with their target audience. By carefully curating the colours and visual designs on the packaging, a company can communicate its brand values and personality, enhancing how the public perceives them and its products.

Additionally, branding consistency also improves a business’s perceived value. Branding your packages is an excellent way for customers to become familiar with your brand and business. As clients get more in touch with your brand, they are more willing to trust the company, increasing customer loyalty.

5.    It is a perfect marketing tool

Branded packages also offer the opportunity for cost-effective marketing. Packages with logos and unique colour schemes are like mini-billboards. They can extend a company’s market reach by enhancing the curiosity of potential clients and making them want to interact with your brand.

Additionally, going beyond traditional marketing, modern strategies can take advantage of creative technology like unique or tailor-made QR codes placed on the packaging. The QR codes on packages are an excellent way for people to interact with packages to get information about a business, even when the packages are disposed of.

6.    Tell a story

Branded package boxes are also good storytelling too. Businesses can use captivating artwork, illustrations, or images to tell clients about the history, values, or benefits of their products.

Likewise, companies can use creative fonts and text to write catchy phrases or punchlines, showing their creativity and uniqueness. You can also use different text font styles or sizes to highlight unique features or ingredients about the product you are selling.

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What to Consider When Branding Small Packages

Here are some of the things companies must consider before branding packages for their products.

1.    Logo size

One of the things that should stand out when branding a package is the logo. The logo is the face of the company, and having a small logo on the package might not call enough attention to the brand. Though you should not go all out, filling the logo on the whole package, having a decent size easily seen and recognized can go a long way in promoting your business.

2.    Colour and design

The next thing to worry about is the colour and design of the package. Any visual designs on the package should complement your brand identity. Though the design should be unique, it should not distract people from the essential details written on the package unless that is what you intend.

Additionally, colours are crucial when it comes to visual appeal. Different colours invoke different kinds of emotions. An example would be how red is associated with strong feelings like danger and love, while blue is associated with calm and relaxing emotions. By learning how to use these colour schemes, businesses will know how to induce specific emotions before customers unbox their products.

3.    Typography and message

Typography is also a crucial part of branding. The type of typography used on a package will determine how well a message will be received. As we stated, by highlighting important aspects using different font styles and sizes, those messages will call more attention to the package and engrain the message permanently into your consumers’ minds.

4.    Material and texture

Materials like plastic or cardboard are known to have better durability than paper. People are more willing to keep and reuse packages, either branded or not, if they are more durable in the long run. It should not be a surprise to learn that this also boosts customer experience.

Additionally, textures are also known to influence how people feel. Soft textured surfaces invoke a feeling of calm, while rough textures invoke a sense of strength.

In a Nutshell

Though small package boxes might seem insignificant, they are the perfect cost-effective ambassadors for many companies. Branded and unique packages will help leave a lasting impression, boost brand awareness, and make a company stand out from its competitors.

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