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Flyers Printing in Nairobi

Flyers printing prices in Kenya

Flyers printing services in Kenya are offered to you online by Print Shop. With the cheapest prices in Nairobi, you can now market your brand easily. We design, print and laminate flyers with a UV coating to make them water-resistant. Different types of printed flyers cost different prices due to the nature of the materials used in making them.

Print Shop makes most common types of flyers used in Kenya. They are easily distinguished by their sizes.

For example, we make A6, DL-size, A5 and A4 flyer sizes. With different types of lamination finishing. In addition, the size of printed flyers can be printed as per your needs. Materials used in making these flyers are in most cases art paper or office copy papers.

  • A6 Flyers/DL Flyers

A6 Flyers and DL-Size flyers are commonly used to market brands with less word description. Flyers enable any marketing team communicate with the target audience fast. Printed flyers communicates more effectively than posters.

In addition, A6 flyers are easy to give out, and some people take them home to read and understand about the brand or event information on the flyer. A6 Flyers/DL-Size flyers are the cheapest of all the flyers.

  • A5 Flyers

A5 Flyers are the most popular flyers for their medium size. Due to their spacious surface, A5 flyers hold more information than their counterpart A6 Flyers. As Print Shop, we refer to A5 Flyers and the standard size.

We make A5 flyers on a glossy or matt art papers. To make sure they display every details even in small font artworks.

On the other hand, when it comes to pricing, we give you options to choose lamination type and the colors to be used to design them. One color is cheaper than Full color.

  • A4 Flyers

A4 Flyers are the biggest of all flyers we make at Print Shop. These leaflets have more than enough space to put your brand details. They come in one-sided or double sided and also in Tri-Fold double sided format. If you are planning to give much details about your brand or event, A4 Flyers will serve the purpose. Moreover, flyers printing prices are affected by the size and lamination finishes ie. Gloss/Matt film lamination or UV coating.



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