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Round Neck Plain T-Shirts price in Kenya

For the longest time, round-neck t-shirts have not got the attention it deserves. Even though it’s not as flashy as other clothes, this closet essential can be worn in a million different ways.

Why the Round Neck Is the Best

The round-neck t-shirt is always flexible, always cool, and always stays in style. This is why it should be your first choice:

1.    Round-neck t-shirts have excellent versatility

With its round neck, the T-shirt easily goes from casual Fridays to promotional gifts. It can be dressed up or down, and you can add layers on top of it.

2.    Get a blank canvas for your promotions

You can print designs, slogans, or names on the round-neck. It is your blank canvas. From event merch to business branding, it’s a blank slate ready to be filled with your own ideas.

3.    Comfortable yet elegant

Fabric like cotton lets air pass easily, making the round-neck a comfort winner. It fits like a second skin, keeps you cool, and moves freely with you.

4.    Made from high-quality material

If you buy well-made round-necks, they will become closet staples. They last wash after wash, thanks to strong stitching and high-quality materials.

5.    Budget-friendly prices

You are always guaranteed to save money when buying a round-neck t-shirt, which makes it great for promotions and bulk buys.

Finding the Right Round-Neck Plain T-shirt

However, there are different kinds of round-necks in the market. Let us help you find the perfect match:

  • Find the suitable fabric: For the most comfort and freedom of movement, choose materials that let air pass through them, like cotton or cotton blends.
  • Find the right size: Pick a fit that looks good on your body type and fits your brand’s image, from formal to relaxed.
  • Do not overlook the colours: Choose colours that go with your brand’s personality, whether you want to make a strong or subtle statement.
  • The weight of the t-shirt also matters: Choose lighter fabrics when it’s hot and heavier ones when it’s cooler.
  • Look out for the small details: Think about the sleeve lengths and decorations to make your outfit stand out.

Market Your Business with Round-Neck T-shirts

The round neck is excellent for advertising because it can be worn in many ways. You can use them as:

  • Employee uniforms: Give your team a sense of unity and brand identity by printing round-necks just for them.
  • Promotional giveaways: Round-neck T-shirts with your name can make people talk about your brand at events or trade shows.
  • Fun for team building: Make custom round-necks for team trips, retreats, or service work.
  • Powerhouse for raising money: Sell branded round-necks to raise money for good causes or groups.
  • Personalised appreciation gifts: As a thank-you gift, personalised round-neck t-shirts are a great way to show your customers that you care.


Round-neck t-shirts are a great way to spice up your closet or build your brand. These t-shirts are an endless design and marketing possibility. Furthermore, they are also easy on the wallet.

At PrintShopKE, we love making sure you can find affordable, high-quality, round-neck t-shirts for your promotional or design needs. You can also get in touch to talk about your custom printing choices for any merch and apparel you have for your business.

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