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Pop up Banners Printing in Nairobi Kenya

A pop-up banner(bean shaped) is a portable marketing tool ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. The name ‘pop-up’ refers to the way the banner stands out in a crowd, immediately attracting attention and conveying a short, concise message that coaxes viewers to want to learn more.

Pop-up banners can be printed on horizontal and vertical designs. However, they are usually large and ideal for sales, promotions, and product launches. You are sure to have seen a pop-up banner in various stores.

If you have a business and are planning a sale, product launch, or want to spread brand awareness, you could benefit from one of our customized and well-designed pop-up banners. Print Shop is your ideal creator of pop-up banners.

Types Of Popup Banners

We design and print multiple banners according to individual needs. Note that the banner can be vertical or horizontal. However, we will advise you on the best orientation for various conditions.

  • Tabletop Banner Stands

These are regular stand pop-up banners with the traditional rectangular style. However, they are small-scale, measuring 8 to 40 inches wide and 17 to 33 inches high.

As the name suggests, they are ideal for table display and often serve as a single poster. The larger version also makes a perfect backdrop. If you have limited space at a trade show or in your store, the tabletop banner stand is the ideal option.

  • Poster Stand

These measure about 24 inches wide by 82 inches high. Poster stands are quite common. They have a pole and base system. They have hangers at the top and near the bottom that stretch posters between them.

It has a clean look and allows you to spread your message from either direction. If you have the space for it and get traffic from either side, your business would benefit from a poster stand.

  • Accordion-Style Fabric Pop-up Banners

These are the traditional pop-up banners you see in trade shows and product launches in front of stores and even inside. Their widths can be anywhere between 30 and 120 inches. Because of the size, they take longer to put up but are ideal for conveying multiple messages.

These banners are best for product launches and sales because they capture viewers’ attention. If you have space at your tradeshow booth, you can use them to form a backdrop. They are also lightweight, so ideal for portability.

Get Popup Banners Today!

Need a high-quality pop-up banner? We are here to provide you with the best. At Print Shop, we are dedicated to high-quality printing at an affordable price. We design, customize, and print these types of pop-up banners for your trade show, sales, and product launches.

We use high-quality fabric for prolonged use. Additionally, we print using sublimation to bond the material to the dye. This creates a glowing, legible, and eye-catching banner with vibrant colors.

Our customization service ensures that you get a unique and memorable banner for your shop or event. So the next time you need a good banner, call us, and we will make it happen.

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