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What to include in your Company Website

What to include in your Company Website

If you are a good business person, you know the importance of a good website. It will act as your 24/7 salesperson. Similarly, it can help you get more clients and showcase products and services professionally while offering links to contact information.

When building a website, you should ensure you have the correct information. Lacking vital information or features on your website will be ineffective, and you will miss out on more clients.

Luckily, we have this helpful guide to direct new website owners to the information and features to always include in their websites. Therefore, take down some notes as you discover;

Website Must-Have Features and Information

  • A Good CTA

A website should never lack a good CTA. The CTA or Call To Action is the reinforcement visitors need on the next steps to take, eventually leading them to purchase or engage with your business.

A good CTA is subtle but effective. It should not be too pushy. Instead, try to make it sound like you are helping or solving a problem for the visitor. A good example is ‘need a little more on our pricing? Click this link.’

  • About Us Information

You need to engage with your clients and visitors. A good way to do this is by providing your visitors with information about what you do. Mention the services and products you offer in this section.

In addition, include company information like mission, goals, locations, and the radius of your operations. This information will help clients connect with you better and portray your company culture.

  • Company Contact Information

Next, you cannot have a website without contact information. It is important to give users a way to reach you, even as soon as they get to the website. Contacts that are easy to find ensure you don’t lose clients.

Make contacts bold, and ensure you give various options, not just a phone number. Additionally, ensure you have a ‘contact us’ page.

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  • A Sensible And Easy To Remember Web Address

When picking your website address, ensure that you pick something memorable and easy. People rarely create bookmarks for web pages anymore. Therefore, you need to make it easy to visit your website by memory.

Pick something easy like the name of your business followed by ‘dot com.’ If your username is taken, add a memorable number like the country code ‘254’. This will make your website easy to remember, therefore, more accessible.

  • Social Media Links

Do you have social media pages? How will people know if you don’t add them to your website? The number of users on social media is steadily increasing. In fact, most people prefer to interact with companies on social media.

Therefore, ensure links to your social media appear on the website. Open as many social media pages as you need to. The more relevant the platforms you are on, the better your customer outreach.

  • A Blog

Blogs are beneficial to company websites. This platform gives users access to interesting information about the industry. A blog will help with the website’s SEO, significantly improving the website’s ranking on search engines.

Blogs are also good for interacting with users. They will come to your blog for interesting information and learn more about your business’s products and services.

  • Good Quality And Unique Content

And while we are on the topic of blogs, ensure everything you include on your website is unique and high-quality. Good quality content on your website or blog will always improve your ranking on search engines. This will increase the likeliness of users visiting your website. Thus, it increases the chances of conversion.

  • Company Terms And Conditions

Whether you provide services or products, you need to outline your company policies and the terms and conditions. The information will help you avoid legal issues and conflict with customers based on satisfaction.

Ensure you have an extensive page outlining the terms and conditions of your products and services. Get a legal eye to ensure everything you write is correct. Additionally, answer any questions your clients may have about your products and services.

  • Product Pages

It is always good to include a product page from the products and services. You can have one page with descriptions and uses of what you offer or give extensive detail about products and services on individual pages.

Ensure you do not promise anything from your products and services that you are not sure of. Additionally, include high-quality pictures.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews or user experiences help build confidence in new users and visitors. Therefore, ensure you include a customer review section where customers can share their experiences working with you or using the products.

It is always good to reach out to clients who leave bad reviews and offer to improve their experience if a bad review ends up on your site. This will show your dedication to customer appreciation.

  • Smart Marketing

And finally, ensure you have marketing products and efforts on your website, starting with branding. Do not make it so obvious that it overwhelms the website. A sale banner here and there should help you make an impact. Similarly, ensure the same stuff appears on your special media for uniformity.

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