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Do you often wonder how you can up your giveaway game? Many businesses stick to the standard branded hats, T-shirts, and umbrellas as giveaways for their clients after a purchase. But with time comes the need to try something new, creative, and equally functional.

So, what’s the idea? Mouse Pads!

Branded mouse pads are a great giveaway idea, especially if your clients are into technology or if your business deals with related products. Computer stores, phone shops, and similar businesses can brand mouse pads as giveaways for clients.

Branded mouse pads are also great corporate gift ideas. They do not have to be the only thing but can be an essential part of the gift box.

Lastly, branded mouse pads are great for improving office branding. You can get branded mouse pads for every desk if your office workers do not wear a uniform. They improve uniformity, help with interior office branding, and unite the workers.

Home workers can get branded mouse pads of their favorite pop culture things to showcase a little personality and brighten up the room. Or you could go with the branded logo to look more professional if you get office visits from clients.

So now that you know how good branded mouse pads can be for various businesses, do you know where to get them?

You do not have to stray too far because you are at Printshop, Kenya. We are among the leading printing places in Nairobi, offering unique printables, including high-quality mouse pads. Whether you need a detailed logo or a quirky image to display your personality in the home office, we have got you covered.

Why Mouse Pads?

You might think that mouse pads are limited and strange because they are not a traditional item to brand. But in the age of technology, you need to play to people’s demands and technological improvements.

More people are buying computers and setting up home offices. In fact, the number exponentially rose during the pandemic when workers were forced to work from home. Using a mouse is necessary for desktops. And even laptop users find it more comfortable than the mouse pad.

Therefore, people will need and appreciate mouse pads to protect their gadgets and improve function. Some of the other reasons to pick mousepads include:

  • You are sure to stand out when you use mousepads as your giveaways. It is so unexpected yet such a functional item that clients will remember you for it.
  • Functionality. Mousepads will always have use as long as computers and laptops exist. They keep your hand in a natural position and reduce strain. They are especially important for designers.
  • Relatability. Remember that the younger generation is more reliant on computers than anyone. Therefore, you need to pick items they can relate to effortlessly. Umbrellas may not be it, so try mousepads. They are items they can see themselves using, and you may even save them a little cash.

Qualities of Good Branded Mouse Pads

Ready to get your set of branded mouse pads? Not so fast; you need the right products! Note that you cannot just walk into an establishment and ask for mouse pads. You need to ensure you have the right printing company behind your success. So, to ensure you get the right thing, here are the top qualities you should look for.

Thick canvas

First, ensure that the mousepad is thick enough. Mousepads come in different designs but should always be thick enough to cushion the mouse and your hand. The standard base is 3mm thick; this is not too thin nor too thick.

When picking the thickness, also check the surface of the mousepad. It should be smooth for quick gliding.

High-quality image

Next, ensure that you pick a high-quality image. When you pick poor-quality images, the print will appear pixelated and blurry. So, ensure you pick a good quality image– you can never go wrong with high resolution! Similarly, do not over-crop or adjust the image so much that it retains a weird shape.

Vibrant and saturated colors

And lastly, when you pick the printing services, ensure it comes out with vibrant and saturated colors. The colors should not be too deep or too light as it will ruin the quality of the image. Ensure your logo actually looks like your logo.

Call Us For Branded Mouse Pads

Print Shop KE is one of the leading printing places in Kenya. Our services are fast, high-quality, and affordable. We welcome anyone ready to transform their business through creative and relatable branding.

Note that we take bulk and small orders. Additionally, we are keen on timely results, so if you are in a hurry, you can tell us, and we will deliver as agreed. Reach out to learn more about our mousepad printing and related services.

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