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Office Arrangement Ideas

Working in an office can get pretty boring. Seeing the same four walls, people, and computers daily for months can get rather dull. And it’s not like you want to quit your job; you just need something to refresh your routine. That is where office arrangement comes in.

One of the key benefits of a new office arrangement is boosting morale and productivity. By rearranging your personal or shared office, you remove the feelings of dullness or being in a slump, bringing in fresh energy for better productivity. You can finally have something to look forward to.

A good office arrangement also ensures proper traffic flow, practicality during shared projects, and feedback projection among coworkers. If it is a home office, you will also enjoy the benefit of finally getting a good working space for productivity and away from distractions.

When it comes to office arrangement, there are a few ideas you can incorporate to make your space more functional and fresh. This article explores the best and most practical ideas you can tweak to meet your needs and likes.

Home Office

People made home offices primarily between 2020 and 2021 when authorities restricted movement due to the pandemic. With more people working from home, the need to create a good working space has never been more relevant. There are two stylish ways you can go about this.


Minimalism is both stylish and practical. If you find yourself fiddling with clutter instead of working at home, then consider the minimalist layout. Similarly, this office arrangement idea is excellent if you have limited space.

The essence of minimalism is anything simple and free from bulk and clutter. For example, your desk drawers should only have the essentials. Similarly, pick a chair with few components; the simpler the design, the better.

Stick to one computer screen instead of multiple. Ensure that decorative items are minimal and simple such as a flower vase or a plain pen holder.

Minimalism goes well with basic pastels and white. Therefore, choose a pastel color for the walls.

Remember, your primary goal is to make everything simple in design. It will evoke productivity, preventing you from getting distracted.


Another good option if you have a lot of outdoor space is an outdoor office arrangement. This arrangement places you in a sheltered but open space within your compound, complete with the ergonomic set to keep you comfortable.

Outdoor arrangements are great because they incorporate a lot of natural light, which is good for productivity. Plus, it is always a plus to work with a view. However, you should only commit to this arrangement if you are sure you will not get distracted.

When making an outdoor arrangement, ensure you position yourself well, considering sun movement and how glare can affect your computer. Similarly, you can decide to brand your space with professional signage. This way, you present professionally during work video calls and client visits.

Because you are outside, you will not have to worry about painting and decorating the space. Just find a way to hide cables for a more aesthetically appealing look.

Shared Office

Shared offices are a way for companies to keep their employees in the same space to promote teamwork and good correlations. Shared offices do not have to be boring as long as you can incorporate one of the following two plans.

Open Plan

Open plans are best for fast-paced working environments where collaboration and communication are key. This layout is great because it will improve spaces for movement, as desks become more clustered and there is more space for movement.

The first step is removing cubicle walls and room dividers to give everyone sight of everything. This will create a more flexible work environment. It will also reduce the feeling of being enclosed, which often affects productivity.

Keeping an open space also allows better branding with company colors and signage. Therefore, you can have bigger signs at the front desk, which will not look too cluttered. Open spaces make meetings easier and promote flexible seating, suitable for incorporating new staff and transitioning into new job positions.

Library Layout

If your workplace demands uninterrupted focus, then sheltered cubes and privacy screens should be your top priority. Buzzing activity does not always yield productivity so if the workers need more time to themselves to complete tasks, consider this layout.

Start by creating cubicles and individual workstations. Privacy screens and cubicle dividers work just as well but ensure there is enough space for creativity.

You can also designate specific quiet spaces where employees can work if they need to focus. Everyone in the working space should recognize and respect the quiet space. For example, transform your conference room into a space like this.

Overall, the goal is to appear professional and on-brand. Therefore, incorporate these ideas to fit your company culture. Ensure you include a few branded items to promote teamwork and demonstrate professionalism.

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