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Where to print Business Cards in Kenya

When it comes to marketing your business, Business Cards are the first marketing materials that come into your mind. Good business cards will make it easy for you and your team market your brand or products. They come in different shapes and sizes; sharp corners, round cornered and other die-cut shapes. The papers that are commonly used to print Business Cards in Kenya are:

    1. ArtCard
    2. Ivory
    3. Embossed Papers


ArtCard is just a heavier Artpaper, but comes in different grammage. They range from 250gsm, 300gsm and 350 Gsm. Gsm means the weight of any paper in grams when it is A0 size. A0 size is 841mm x 1189mm. In some cases the Gsm does not correspond to the thickness of the paper. Thick Bond Papers for example tend to be lighter than thinner artpapers. It all depends on the material used to make the paper.

Moreover, Art Card Papers come in two different finishes. There is Matt and Gloss finish. Gloss Artcards are shiny while Matt Artcards are much less shiny. But not dull as much as normal copy paper (Bond). Both Matt and Gloss Artcards can be laminated. Different lamination types include:

• Film Matt Lamination – Adds that smooth feel to the cards
• Gloss Lamination – Gives the cards that extra shiny look
• Leather Lamination – The cards gets the leather texture which makes them look classy
• Frost Lamination – This adds that Frost effect but with sparkling rough particles
• UV Coating – UV varnish coating also gives the business cards that extra shiny finish

All types of lamination give the cards that “protective” layer making them to last longer and become water resistant.

Ivory Paper

Ivory paper is a premium paper that also goes by the name Ivory PaperBoard; appears to be less smooth than ArtCard. The paper is much more expensive than ArtCard. It comes in 250Gsm, 300Gsm and 350 Gsm.
This premium paper can also be laminated to make it water resistant, and also to give them a different finish.

Embossed Papers

Embossed papers are rough textured papers which are used in printing of all sorts of cards. From Business Cards, Post Cards to Wedding Cards. They just fit in. These papers come in different color shades, from light shades to darker color shades.

In addition, darker Shades are more used in making wedding Cards while the lighter ones (in most cases) are used to make Business Cards and Postcards. Some are shiny with a sparkling rough texture, while others are even scented.

Business Cards Printing

Business card printing in Kenya has now been made much easier. With the emerging technologies around the globe you can get them delivered to your doorstep. The best online platform where you can order your business cards is Print Shop ( Anywhere in Kenya; you will get your printed stuff designed and delivered to you for free (Free delivery). You only pay printing.

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