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Badges And Doming Services in Kenya

There are multiple reasons why individuals and companies would need badges. If you are a company, you can make badges highlighting key positions or functions of the wearers. It is also a good way to point out staff during an event. Additionally, you can make fun badges that you can give away during sales and promotions.

Individuals can wear customized badges to showcase their personality through the things they love. Badges can also be huge during the election to represent pride in your party or preferred candidate.

So if you need badges for these or other reasons, you need a reliable badge-making company to provide you with high-quality services. We are such a company offering high-quality badge-making and doming services. Our reliable services will provide beautiful badges, custom-made to fit any occasion.


Eye-catching badges

We design high-quality badges that capture attention easily. Be assured that we do not settle for copy-paste procedures. Instead, we get to understand your vision. Whether for a company or individual needs, we are keen on meeting your expectations.

Long-lasting badges

Our badges come from high-quality materials that secure the longevity of the badge. You do not have to worry about getting new badges sooner than you have to. We only use high-quality materials and reinforce them for long-lasting use.

Customized badges

Need something unique for a sale or event? We got you! Customization is our favorite part of making badges, so feel free to challenge us with unique designs. We will come through and make your badges stand out.

Secured pins

And lastly, we will ensure that the pins remain secure. Once a pin falls out, the badge becomes unusable, and we do not want you to invest in something that will not serve its purpose. Therefore, trust us to make badges that stay on.

Doming Services

You can use our doming services for multiple applications, including keychains, pens, cufflinks, leather products, and badges. You can also use them for ID Cards, trophies, signage, and souvenirs.

The primary benefit of doming is enhancing the protection of the product. Therefore, consider doming services if you have branded items that need to stay clean and damage-free. It will also give your products a premium professional look that is visually appealing.

High-quality badges and signage complete with doming services ensure you do not have to replace these items too soon. This cultivates long-lasting uses and saves you money in the long run.

So if you have signage and other items that could use doming for a beautiful and lasting exterior, consider us for these services. We have updated technology and equipment to complete this process. This, combined with our good-quality materials, promises excellent results each time.

Call Us For Badges and Doming

Ready to partner with a reliable company that can fulfill orders quickly? We are ready to supply you with customized badges for any occasion. We are keen on deadlines and only use high-quality materials for the best results. More than that, we offer affordable prices so you can brand on a budget.

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