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23 Ways to Make Progress in Life

Have you ever felt like your present is on hold? As if you are stuck in a loop, never moving forward nor backwards? You are not alone, and unfortunately, you might be right. People often find themselves stuck in one position generally. The static nature of your life could contribute to feelings of sadness, helplessness, anxiety, little motivation, and even depression. 

Consequently, you must find a way to come out of this rut. You must incorporate a few actions in your life to make progress in the long run or at least feel like you are moving. Therefore, before your mental health begins to suffer, Print Shop recommends you make the following changes in your life.

The 23 Tips

  • Wake up earlier. Waking up earlier has been proven to stimulate the brain and promote positive thoughts. Getting an early start of the day will help you make significant progress in your daily tasks.
  • Go to bed early. Getting a good night’s rest is essential for brain function and physical rest. Going to bed early will keep you away from screens, making it harder to suffer from insomnia.
  • Read every day. People rarely read anymore, even though it has many mental benefits. Books contain a lot of information on almost anything. Whether you want to learn a new skill, improve something, or even take a break, reading will help you with that.
  • Change your diet. Eating healthier will reflect on your mood and body. You will be able to sleep well, perform better at work, and even improve your lifestyle.


  • Take up exercise. Physical exertion is an excellent way to clear your mind. A healthier body reflects well on the mind, so be sure to exercise every day, even for a short while.
  • Plan your days. Planning your day helps you feel in control and may help you achieve your goals better. Section your day into hours and be sure to use the time wisely.
  • Set achievable goals. Set daily, monthly, and yearly goals for your life. Goals help you stick to your journey and will move your life forward. Make sure they are realistic and achievable within the set time frame.
  • Face problems. It may be tempting to ignore your problems, but this will only keep you back. Facing and solving your problems ensures that you move on from them, thus moving on in life.
  • Start saving. Saving money is a great show of faith in the future. It gives you a reason to keep moving forward and helps you look towards the future.
  • Never dwell on failures. Failures are a great learning experience. However, staying on them will stop your life from moving forward. Move from failures as quickly as you can.

Think outside the box

  • Think beyond tomorrow. As you daydream and think about the future, think beyond tomorrow. Dream of what the future might hold ten years from now. It will help you stay motivated on your goals.
  • Journal your thoughts. Sometimes you may get a brilliant idea that could help your career or social life. Keeping a journal enables you to keep track of your ideas and opinions. It can also help keep warnings and precautions for your life.
  • Investing does not always mean money; it could also mean your time. Investing money or time in a cause is like creating a safety net for yourself for the future. It is also promising to be better and pursue your dreams when the time comes.
  • Forgive and let go. When things deviate from your expectations or find yourself in the middle of a disagreement with someone in your life, you could harbour feelings of frustration and anger. These will occupy your mind and keep you from living the best. It is best to let go of these feelings and forgive to move forward.
  • Make decisions slower. Not every choice you have to make is time-conscious. Some decisions give you time to think, and you should use this time to really think, weigh all your options, research and come to an educated choice.
  • Start something. If you have nothing to your name, it is time you branded something for yourself. It could be as intricate as starting a business, or as simple as opening a social media page. Either way, it will give you something to focus on and grow.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. If you have been enclosed in your comfort zone without moving forward, you need to challenge yourself and leave this zone. Coming out will help you make decisions that will propel your life.
  • Participate in a good cause. Making the world a little better through charity and good deeds will help you improve yourself. This is an excellent step into improving your life and boosting self-confidence.
  • Recognize and take new opportunities. Opportunities come in the most unexpected ways. You should consider taking new opportunities instead of ignoring them even if they were not in your initial plans.
  • Keep an open mind. In terms of relationships, careers, investments and other aspects, learn to keep an open mind. The greatest reward we can give ourselves is keeping an open mind because it would only take one decision to turn your life around.
  • Drop your bad habits. As hard as it may sound, you need to drop your bad habits. They could be eating away at your finances and time, thus keeping your life in a permanent state of limbo.
  • Take a break. Be sure to take a break from all the self-improving. A clear mind will help you plan better and be prepared for another day of setting and achieving goals.
  • Track your progress, and be grateful. Always practice gratitude for every milestone you complete. It will help you stay motivated on your journey.
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