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Some of the best Golf Clubs in Kenya

Golf is one of those sports that is slowly encroaching on the Kenyan population. This once foreign sport is now a big part of sports clubs all over the country. Golf courses seem to pop up every other day and with them come exclusive gold clubs. They are popular among men and women alike. So if you have always had an interest in the sport, you should consider a membership at a golf club. And we can help you get started. Keep scrolling to gather information on the top golf clubs in Kenya.

Muthaiga Golf Club

Deservingly nicknamed the ‘home of golf’ by members, this stunning club has a luscious golf course ideal for challenges and beginners. It is a mix of traditional and modern designs. This 18-hole golf course sits in the lush woodlands of Karura Forest in Kiambu road.
You will find numerous lakes and ponds with terrain that challenges and motivates with each stroke. You will also find monkeys frolicking around as Egyptian geese cheer at every move—the club scores high on hospitality and course maintenance. Of course, you will also have access to excellent facilities.

Vipingo Ridge Golf Resort

Easily one of the most tranquil and scenic golfing places in Kenya, Vipingo Ridge is a marvel. It is also a top destination on the Kenyan coast, thanks to its spectacular views. It is characterized by lush green fields with numerous water features.
The 18-hole golf course draws residents and guests from everywhere to take part in the challenges. You will find this course high on the ridge to escape the hot temperatures of the coast, enhancing your time there. It scores high on aesthetics, facilities, and course maintenance. The staff is also amicable.

Sigona Golf Club

For luxury with exceptional services, go to this charming golf club. It is a mere twenty-minute drive from Nairobi, lying along the Nairobi-Naivasha highway in Kikuyu. It features a serene atmosphere championed by lovely flowers, especially in the spring.
The golf course is at championship standards, offering challenges from beginner to expert. In addition, you can enjoy the swimming pool and thanks to the children’s playground, it is a family-friendly location. This is one of the golf clubs that offer excellent value for money, along with fantastic hospitality and admirable course maintenance.

Air Force Golf Club

Overlooking blue waters with spectacular views of the horizon, this lovely golf club is the hidden gem of Nairobi. Air Force Golf Club in Eastleigh is an unspoiled golfing paradise ideal for beginners. It features a 9-hole golf course stretched over lush green fields with a view of blue waters. You also get spectacular views of hills at a distance.
Additionally, the course remains in excellent conditions thanks to consistent maintenance. Expect cleanliness and ideal-height grass for golfing. Likewise, the staff is friendly and the facilities enjoyable.

Windsor Golf and Country Club

This remains Africa’s leading golf resort thanks to the availability of lush green fields, woodland, and water features. It is just 15 minutes from Nairobi, off Kiambu road. The spectacular 18-hole course draws visitors from all over the world.
The impressive Victorian-style buildings are the first thing you will notice. On top of golfing, you will enjoy accommodations, beautiful surroundings, and good course maintenance. While it is on the higher side of expense, it makes up for it through the beautiful clubhouse.

Kiambu Golf Club

This lovely golf course is just 15 kilometers from Nairobi, off of Kiambu Road. You may even mistake it for a garden because of the well-maintained lush green fields. The course stretches to nine holes, and it is ideal for beginners and experts alike.
Other facilities you will have access to include the swimming pool, stocked bar, darts, and a pool table. The staff is always friendly, and you can enjoy fantastic meals from the talented cooks. Expect lovely serene temperatures and a breezy atmosphere thanks to the surrounding woodlands.

Royal Nairobi Golf Club

This is the oldest golf club in Kenya that started as a 9-hole golf course. It is now an 18-hole course that replicates other ‘Royal’ chartered golf courses around the world. It is a charming place with quiet surroundings ideal for golfing professionally. Expect friendly staff to greet you and care for your needs while you are there.
Explore the 18-holes in the backdrop of beautiful green fields. You will get excellent value for money on top of friendly staff and well-maintained facilities. The golf course attracts people from all over the globe to experience the beautiful surroundings. Therefore, expect to make some new friends when you sign up for a membership.

Final Thought

Many advantages come with joining a golf club. First, you get to be part of an elite group of people who share in sportsmanship. Additionally, you serve your body by providing it with much-needed exercises and stress relief. We hope you find your ideal spot from this list to enjoy these benefits and more.

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