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Relax! Ivory paper is not made from elephant tusks. It is just a nice-name for describing what could be your next great investment.

Ivory paper is a type of paper with a white glossy outer side and a white rough-textured inner side. This paper is thick and sturdy; some say it is like a combination of matte paper and a carton. Clean exclusive look of ivory paper makes it ideal for various applications.

The information below should prove helpful if you are a business owner in Nairobi looking for good printing and packaging materials for your products. Join us as we explore the uses and differences of ivory paper.

What Is Ivory Paper Made Of?

Good quality ivory paper is made from 100% tree pulp. This is why it has a bright shiny appearance that beats art paper. It is also soft and acid-free. The thickness of ivory paper makes it ideal for various applications. Therefore, if needed, it is easy to find this type of paper at your local print shop. But it is best reserved for packaging and art.

Uses Of Ivory Paper: Can Ivory Paper Be Used For Printing?

Yes, you can use ivory paper for printing. But it needs good quality printing you would be proud to keep. Ivory paper’s thickness and glossy properties make it ideal for marketing printing, which often demands a long-term solution.

This paper is pricier than regular bond paper. Therefore, you need to put it to good use. So, think again if you are thinking of document printing along the lines of a CV, memos, proposals, and reports.

Ivory paper is too thick to be practical for this type of printing. Additionally, such documents are often recycled or discarded, so using ivory paper would waste resources and money.

Ivory paper has two common applications:


If you want paper that will serve you well in creating bright and long-lasting packaging, go for ivory paper. Ivory paper is ideal for package printing because it is thick and sturdy. It holds well against pressure and accepts ink well. It is ideal for complex and fancy printing because it shows the details well.

Most people use ivory paper for packaging food products. Ivory paper is food-grade, meaning it is safe for food and can maintain its quality after packaging. So if you want an excellent way to pack snacks and other foodstuffs for retail, consider ivory paper.

The most common packaging applications include paper lunch boxes, cosmetic outer boxes, outer toiletry boxes, food trays, and pharmaceutical outer boxes.

Art and Crafts

Another good but lesser-seen use of ivory paper is for arts and crafts. The thickness of the paper makes it ideal for making high-quality crafts that will last. The rough surface is ideal for drawing and painting. And since it has high brightness levels, the ivory paper makes the colors appear more vibrant and saturated.

Ivory paper is sturdier than art paper which can be an advantage or shortcoming depending on artistic needs. But, it is an ideal substitute that artists have warmed up to. Some business owners even partner with artists for hand-printed packaging designs using ivory paper for a touch of uniqueness.

Cost Of Ivory Paper

Like other types of paper, ivory sheets are sold in bulk. The cost often depends on the weight rather than the number of sheets. On average, Kenyans can expect to spend ksh.750 to ksh.1300 for 250 grams of A4 ivory sheets. The 250 grams package has 100 sheets.

Variations in A3 are available, retailing higher than the A4 package at about ksh.1400 for a 250-gram package of 50 sheets.

If you want printed packaging using ivory paper, it is better to go to a printing place with the paper in bulk instead of buying your own. It will be more cost-effective.

Additionally, stay away from overpriced or underpriced packaging printing services. High prices do not always mean better services, and low prices might result in bad results.

Call Us For High-Quality Ivory Paper Printing

Now that you know how excellent ivory paper is, you can employ it for your marketing needs. We have good-quality printing services to propel your business to the next level.

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