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How To Design A Good Cake Box

Cake boxes say a lot about your bakery or business. If you supply cakes to consumers, you need to ensure that the presentation does not fall short. The cake box enhances the presentation, creating a better look for your business.

Cake boxes also protect the cake from damage, dust, dirt, and elements. It is what ensures that the cake arrives in good condition. Also, if any icing smudges on the sides, it is easier to clean up in the box.

And since the boxes are clean, you can serve and eat off the inner surfaces of the box. Most importantly, cake boxes are an opportunity to enhance your marketing strategy and improve brand awareness.

When you get branded boxes, you increase your chances of getting more clients, spreading brand awareness, and marketing your products. Considering these advantages, you should put thought into designing your boxes.

What To Look For

There are a few qualities you should look out for in good cake boxes:

  • Tear resistance. First, ensure that the cake box is high-quality. This means that it should withstand the weight of the cake. Secondly, it should be able to resist tearing. That way, even if the cake falls, it will not come rolling out of the box through a tear. A good box is thick and firm.
  • Defined edges. A good cake box has defined edges. Usually, these boxes come as a flat piece of cardboard with permanent creases to indicate where you fold them to form the box. Ensure that you pick a cake box with well-defined edges that are easy to fold.
  • Customizability. Do not get a cake box with printed surfaces. The plain cake boxes are best for customizing with your logo and content. Simple white cake boxes are best because you can print any colour and pattern on the surface.
  • Long-lasting use. And finally, you never know how long you or the client may need to keep the cake box. Therefore, you must ensure that the package has a long-lasting build and material.

What To Consider

To design the ideal cake box, there are a few factors you need to consider. Therefore, consider the following essential elements before settling for that 100-piece order.

  • Type of box. There are many types of cake boxes. Each accommodates the dimensions and needs of various cakes—for example, tall cakes, wide base cakes, geometrical cakes, and more. Therefore, when designing a cake box, ensure that you consider the type of box you will need. It will help you in choosing a great customization design that puts your brand in the limelight. Additionally, you will know how many surfaces you will have to print on for the best results. This goes a long way in helping with budget planning.
  • Next, consider the size of the box. The size will guide you into the best way to design the box. This ensures that your dimensions are not off, so no information is lost. It also helps with print budgeting.
  • Material. The material and its quality should guide you into choosing the right design for the cake box. Some designs only work well with specific materials. Additionally, you need to consider printing the cake box. Some materials may not do so well with the type of print you want to achieve. Therefore, considering the material will help you create the right design.
  • Budget. Finally, when creating a cake box design, it is always a good idea to have the endgame in sight. What will it cost to bring your design to life? A pre-set budget will help you create a cakebox design that does not go over budget.

Remember that the right cake box makes all the difference. So ensure that your design is targeted and effective. This way, you market your business while pleasing clients with a beautiful presentation.

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