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How to Design and Print a Hotel Menu

A good restaurant menu will improve the dining experience of your customers. It will also help stimulate appetite and guide the diners to the best choice; if your hotel attendees cannot decide because everything looks or sounds very good, you have accomplished your goals. If they never get this experience, then perhaps it is time to redesign and print your menu.

A menu is more than just a list of the food you offer. It is also a free marketing tool that will have diners talking about your restaurant beyond the meal. Also, if it perfectly blends with your aesthetic, it can help to define your appeal. Finally, a well-designed menu will encourage more spending among patrons.

Designing and printing a good restaurant menu is as easy as selecting a good designer and printing service. Between those two processes are a series of considerations you must make and tips you should abide by to get the best results. Luckily, we are here to guide you into making a great hotel menu.

The Design

The overall design should be legible, enticing, and creative. When considering your design, pay attention to the following:

·         Sectioning. A menu requires sections to help readers identify food and beverages faster. You need to create sensible and well-labeled units to make it easier for the patron to read and select food more quickly. Be sure that all your sections are labeled, and they should start sensibly, with appetizers and finish with desserts.

·         Spacing. Do not make your items too squeezed together to save space. The food or beverage is often located on the left side with the price on the right. If your items are too squeezed together, customers will have a hard time discerning each item’s costs.

·         Pictures. Pictures are encouraged. However, you must find the fine line between tasteful and messy. You should use photographs sparingly, or not at all. Loud and multiple pictures will make the menu look sloppy and may not appeal to everyone. If you must use images, ensure that they are of high quality and used every now and then.

·         Font/Typography. The right typography will help to declare the restaurant’s aesthetic. The font you select depends on several factors, such as how much text should fit on a page and the nature of the restaurant. However, you should always ensure that it is legible. Also, use more than one font (but not too many) to distinguish labels from descriptions.

·          Borders. If you want to draw attention to specific dishes or combos, consider using frames. Not only will they draw the customer’s attention, but they also help to separate special dishes and combo meals from others.

·         Colors. Based on your target audience, your menu’s theme and colors should appeal to them the most. Colors have psychological effects on humans, so a good color scheme will appeal to clients and help set a specific mood that they will enjoy. Warm colors such as oranges and reds often have the best impact because they stimulate appetite.

For Print

When it comes to printing, you must ensure that your menu comes out crisp, legible, durable, and beautiful. To do that, you need to make the following choices.

·         Choose good paper. When it comes to paper, cardstock is the best way to go. It prints well, and you can print any background color on it. A good glossy paper will help your colors to pop and ensure that fonts are legible. It is also hard and can hold illustrations and pictures well.

·         Choose lamination. Rather than choose a bulky cover for your menu, you should select lamination. Lamination is lighter and ensures that your menus stay clean. If they are spilled on, you can simply wipe the spills, and it will look good as new. Also, they last longer, so replacements are rarely needed.

·         Choose a press proof. A press proof is a sample print that shows you what your menu will look like. It is always best to get a sample before printing the rest to ensure that no mistakes are present. It helps to double-check pictures, fonts, and legibility.

·         Choose separate menus. If your restaurant often offers specials and combo deals that are popular, choose to print these on different paper as a specials menu. This will save you the cost of having to reprint the whole menu when they get old.

Bonus Tip: Choose a designer and printer in the same place. If you can find a good designer, chances are that their printing services are also excellent. Not only will it save you the hassle of looking for these services separately, but it may even earn you a great discount, especially if you print in bulk. A good designer and printing service will make you a memorable menu for your restaurant.

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