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Where to go for Safari this Coming Easter

Did you know that the Easter celebration starts with a whole week of holiness? Although many people do not know this, the holy week begins on Palm Sunday, continues to Good Friday, and then finally Easter Sunday.

If you ask us, this is the perfect time to travel and have fun with family, friends, or your special someone. The long weekend provides travelers enough time to hit one of the significant Kenya safari spots in the country. Prepare to see a whole lot of animals and beautiful skyline sunsets across the vast savanna.

So while people head down to churches for prayer, you can break early and indulge in a little savannah vibe with your loved ones. And we have a great list of the best destinations for anyone looking for a little fun this coming Easter.

Top Easter Safari Destinations

We know what you are thinking, Masai Mara, is too famous. Well, it’s not a bad thing because it is a fantastic hub of wildlife. There is lots to experience in this reserve which is why it is so popular among tourists. So why should you go?

Well, for starters, since Easter falls around late March and early April, you will get the best deals. Late March and early April is the wettest season in Kenya. This means that there won’t be a lot of travelers lining up for safari at Masai Mara.

You will get choices in affordable accommodations, reduced park fees, plus affordable activity fees. So don’t let a little mud scare you; it only makes the safari more adventurous. You will explore game drives and see a side of the Mara that most people have never seen.

  • Giraffe Manor

Okay, so technically, this may not count as a full safari, but it is worthy of your Easter destination list. If you and your bae are looking for a lovely weekend escape near the city for the convenience of traveling back, then you will love this destination.

Giraffe Manor is just outside the CBD, offering fantastic convenience. You and your partner can stay at the boutique hotel, dining with the giraffes and enjoying the facilities at the hotel. Be prepared to splurge on your loved one because this is the place to spend.

Prepare for spectacular views, interesting experiences, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to propose, or celebrate an anniversary in style. Best of all, you get shelter from the rains and mud.

If the distance is no problem for you and your friends or family, then head to the Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya. This naturally rewarding park boasts stunning vegetation, mammalian life, and panoramic views.

You and your friends can visit the park, and stay at one of the spectacular lodges with the night sky full of stars. Then you can spend your days on game drives in the park with more challenging roads but all the better for the adventure.

You will see giraffes, zebras, cheetahs, and hundreds of bird species. And since you will visit during the rainy seasons, you will see the vast lake Amboseli, which dominates the western section of the park.

Alternatively, you could head to the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River to visit the Samburu National Reserve. Again, you should ready yourself for fun game drives in the mud, surrounded by equally muddy but playful herds of elephants.

The river will be at full capacity, giving you an excellent chance to see the animals visit for drinking and bathing. You and your friends will get a front-row seat to spectacular views of animals such as zebras, ostriches, giraffes, and antelopes.

In addition, prepare for amazing deals on lodges and hotels in the area. And since you will be in the middle of Easter celebrations, you are sure to dine spectacularly.

  •  Malindi Marine National Reserve

And finally, if you want to mash a beach mini-vacation with a safari, then book a flight to Malindi, where you will get spectacular accommodations, lovely rains, but overall pleasant temperatures, ideal for a beach vacation stay.

And while you are there, you can visit the Malindi Marine National Reserve. The reserve is home to complex marine life with a rich population of diverse bird species. The tidal habitats act as the perfect palace to spot fish and turtles.

So you can go on glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, and windsurfing. This Easter safari is the best for couples and friend groups who want to escape the cold and enjoy the immaculate beach vibes.

  • What To Wear:

When it comes to dress, you need to stay warm since you will be travelling during the colder months. We encourage cotton clothing that is breathable enough for game drives, plus will keep you warm throughout your trip. You can go the extra mile and get branded t-shirts to wear on your trip.

Whether you are a friend group, family, or a couple, you should consider customized matching t-shirts to wear for your trip. Not only are they proper attire for the weather, but they will make your pictures look glamorous.

And you can get them right here at Print Shop. We have the best t-shirt and hoodie designs ideal for a weekend safari.

Do not let yourself remain stuck in Nairobi over the long weekend. Take a page out of a good traveler’s book and make your way to one of these five destinations. Your Easter is sure to be memorable.

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