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All You Need to Know About Velo Binding

Thinking of finding a convenient and secure binding style, then why don’t you try Velo binding? Velo binding (strip binding) is a safe and conventional way of binding.

It is a one-of-a-kind binding. Velo binding gives your reports, proposals, and other instructions a professional, polished look, and it’s the best binding option for bigger, thicker booklets and handbooks.

What Is Velo Binding, And How Does It Work?

Velo binding is a type of document binding that uses a thin strip of plastic on the front and back of the paper. Tide points are melted together to the two thin plastic strips to keep it all together like a slender vice.

Velo binding is a cost-effective and simple approach to binding your books. Velobind is commonly used to bind pages together for wills, thesis or dissertations, briefs, judgments, manuals, and handbooks, among other important documents.

Likewise, its secure and tamper-proof system is ideal as a safety feature against altering documentation. This unique feature makes it the perfect choice for institutional and law industries.

In addition, being a fast, cheaper and reliable binding solution, it’s a perfect solution for self-publishers without pricey equipment or people who want the look and feel of conventional books.

How Is Velo Binding Done?

The strip binding technique uses a pin system, where regularly spaced holes are punched along the edges of the document or book pages. The binding is a plastic strip with plastic tines that resembles a lengthy comb.

The pronged strip is inserted upward through the corresponding holes in the pages. The tines are then run through another plastic strip with identically spaced holes.

The protruding tines are then cut off using a Hot Knife machine. The heat machine is used to trim off the tines, and the strips are melted together, making a secure and durable document bind.

What are the Velo binding strip varieties?

Strips come in various sizes and colours to fit your document size and aesthetics. The Velobind strips consist of one spine set with tines or pegs on it and a second spine with a corresponding identical hole where the tines fit.

The Velo tines are available in several lengths to handle larger document binding. The length size ranges from 1 to 3 inches.

The Velo strip spines also come in various pin sizes. They include:

  • 11 Pin
  • 9 Pin
  • 5 Pin
  • 4 Pin

In addition, the strip also comes in a variety of popular colour selections that can help match your document’s style. They include:

  • Black
  • Maroon
  • White
  • Navy
  • Green
  • Blue

What Are the Advantages Of Velo Binding?

Velo Binding Technique Is Secure and Reliable: Any modifications or alterations to the binding are easily noticeable. Trying to tamper with the binding would require breaking the welded strips and pins, which is easily identified.

Durability: The Velo binding style ensures that your document is more durable than other binding forms. By melting the tines to the strip, Velobind ensure better reliability to physical elements that result in your book or document deformation.

Strip Binding Offers a Copy-Safe Design: Unlike traditional binding techniques, Stripbind book or document does not open flat on flat surfaces. It ensures that any sensitive material cannot be copied or reproduced without breaking the Velobind. However, the book or document is still easily readable to your audience.

Professional Appearance: Velo binding style offers a clean and professional appearance, unlike other punch and binding techniques. By melting and welding the pins and strips together, the binding strips neatly run down the spine of your document giving it a clean and smooth look to it. In addition, the strips also hide any evidence of punched holes in your document.

Document Sizing Flexibility: The Velo binding system has a range of sizes that can handle different document thickness sizes. The biggest size, which is 3 inches, can bind approximately 750 sheets of paper. It makes it ideal for institutions that have large reports or documents. Likewise, if you have a smaller binding need, the 1 or 2 inches of Velobind has you covered.

Binding Customization: It is not every day that you get a binding style that offers a nice corporate feel to your documents and matches its mood with the colour. Velobinds strips offer a variety of colours that gives your document the edge and confidence of professionalism.

In a nutshell

Whether creating a soft or hardcover book or needing a frosty or corporate document cover, it is a permanent binding solution to ensure the best protection for your pages.

For more binding and printing tips, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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