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Why Use Eco-Friendly Paper When Printing?

The paperless age is slowly approaching. However, until then, people are still printing, and unfortunately, it is costly to the environment. Printing has one of the most adverse effects on the environment in different ways.

The first is the paper.

Approximately one-third of all paper used in the world is attributed to printing. Paper manufacture is harmful to the environment as it exploits natural resources such as trees, fossil fuels, and water. It manufacture also causes a lot of air pollution.

Cartridges are also bad for the environment as they exploit natural resources (oil and iron ore) to produce. Ink and toner also have volatile organic compounds or VOCs, that are bad for the environment.
Printing is also costly for the environment as there are millions of printers in the world plugged in at all times, whether printing or on standby. This consumes a lot of electricity, with the majority being spent on standby mode.

With the environment needing preservation more than ever, it is essential to play your part in this movement. Because printing is almost impossible to avoid, consider eco-friendly procedures and materials.

Eco-Friendly Paper

Eco-printing is a type of printing that incorporates green practices in printing technology, ink, and paper. Using eco-friendly paper is a great way to support the movement on preserving the environment.
Eco-friendly paper is just as he name suggests. It is a greener version of the regular paper that leaves a small, if not non-existent, carbon footprint on the environment. There are two main types of eco-friendly paper; recycled paper and FSC certified paper.

Recycled paper is rarely the waste paper that most people think of. Instead, it is a type of paper made from a mixture of pre and post-consumer paper. It could be made from crumpled up newspapers and de-inked unsold magazines.
Using recycled paper will reduce the number of trees that need to be cut down to manufacture standard paper. This goes a long way in reducing pollution and reduces the amount of emission created by logging equipment.

Because trees are an essential part of filtering air, you will be contributing to less pollution and cleaner air when you use recycled paper. Recycled paper also saves over 2500 liters of water, preserving the scarce natural resource. Recycled paper is commonly used for office printing too.

FSC certified paper is paper that has been approved by the Forest Stewardship Council or FSC. This organization is focused on sustaining forestry all over the world. The certified paper, therefore, is that that has met the standards set by the FSC for all forest products.
FSC certified paper has a stamp of identification on the packaging. It is commonly used for digital printing purposes such as business cards, posters, brochures, etc.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Paper When Printing?

Green printing is essential for the sustainability of the environment. Everyone should consider how regular paper affects the environment negatively to switch to eco-friendly paper. Green printing is an excellent way of reducing waste already in existence. Because recycled paper is made from post-consumer waste and pre-consumer waste, it dramatically reduces the existing waste.

The eco-friendly paper also reduces the number of trees that are cut down per year for paper production. Trees are very beneficial to society and to the environment. They stimulate rain, which is essential for food production and global warming. Forestry also acts as watcher catchment areas, which is necessary for human use.

Green printing is also quite affordable. This is because you will be using repurposed paper, which is relatively cheaper than standard paper. You will not only be saving the environment but also saving money on your budget.

The Take-Away

The eco-friendly paper makes a huge difference in printing to the environment. It ensures the conservation of natural resources such as trees and water. The smaller carbon footprint is what makes it ultimately desirable. The next time you have a big printing project in your hands, consider eco-friendly paper. Not only will you save money, but you will also be doing your part in environmental conservation.
If you wish to embrace the green side of printing, contact us today through our website for eco-friendly paper and printing services. We are happy to serve and be part of the movement to preserve our environment.

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