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Bond Paper

Bond paper is a high-quality writing paper, similar to bank paper, only that it is heavier. Its name originated from its initial purpose at invention; documents such as government bonds. Today, bond paper appears in every print shop in Nairobi as paper for electronic inkjet and laser printers.

Bond paper usually measures 17 by 22 inches. This paper is popular because it offers excellent absorption and rigidity. It often comes in white, but you can find pastel and neon versions.

Common uses of Bond Paper

Because of its characteristics, bond paper has multiple uses, including:

  • While cardstock is the initial choice for making any marketing and promotional document, bond paper can come in handy when you are in a hurry. If you need quick brochures with limited resources, bond paper will produce beautiful brochures which you can laminate for a lasting effect.
  • Bond paper works well for contract printing, from purchase orders to lease agreements. Many housing agencies in Kenya use bond paper to present lease agreements to tenants.
  • Application forms in public offices, private organizations, and everything come printed on bond paper. 
  • Job application documents. When printing your CV, resume, or cover letter, the printing place will often use bond paper.
  • Reports and proposals. Whether they are work or school reports and proposals, bond paper is the ideal printing surface for this information.
  • Invoicing someone is easier and cheaper with bond paper. You can send copies and keep others for record.
  • In-house documents. In-house documents in organizations such as letterheads, memos, and newsletters often appear on bond paper for easy distribution, filing, and disposal.
  • Business letters. Business letters to shareholders, managers and directors are printed on bond paper for a professional look.
  • And lastly, artists, architects, and designers use bond paper for their creations.

Benefits of Bond Paper

Below are some benefits individuals and businesses enjoy when using bond paper for various needs.


The primary advantage and reason many companies and printing places in Kenya use bond paper is its affordability. The cost of bond paper is favorable, considering that it comes from high-quality raw materials.

Many companies and printing places can afford to print documents and copies knowing that they could end up disposed of thanks to this paper. Similarly, individuals can afford to send invoices and keep hard copies.


Another reason why companies use this paper for in-house printing is that it is light. Light, in that it can be transported easily in bulk to various people. In addition, it will not take up much room when filing needs arise. Also, individuals can create a lightweight and easily portable ‘notebook’ for presenting reports and studies.


As you have seen, bond paper has multiple uses across all industries. Even small businesses and basic companies have bond paper because it is widely used for all needs. When in doubt, bond paper comes to the rescue.

Aesthetics for professionalism

And lastly, if you need documents to look presentable, print them on bond paper. This paper is plain, with no gloss and shininess. Plus, it has a clean look, making it the ideal paper for legal and professional documents.

Cons of Bond Paper

Unfortunately, bond paper comes with some disadvantages despite its versatility. That is why it is unfit for some applications.

Limited for marketing needs

The first con of bond paper is that it is limited for marketing needs. Bond paper will not do the artwork justice if you need to print flyers, posters, business cards, and other marketing documents. Plain paper does not have glossy appeal; thus, they are not the best for these functions. You are better off with glossy paper and cardstock for any marketing needs.

Does not last long

The second con is durability. There is a reason why you have to laminate bond paper if you want it to last long. Its lightweight nature makes it thin and therefore susceptible to tearing. So if you want to print documents or artwork that will last long, bond paper is not your go-to.

You could laminate for longevity, but this does not always produce the best results. Therefore, you would need more expensive, durable, and thicker paper for marketing and graphic design needs.

High-Quality Bond Paper

When purchasing bond paper, you need a good supplier to provide you with the best product. Print Shop is the best place to get items printed bond paper in bulk around Nairobi. Reach out to learn about our affordable printing prices.

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