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How To Design A Perfect Christmas Card

Christmas is quickly approaching. And with it is the opportunity to make beautiful Christmas cards for loved ones, employees, partners, clients, and potential investors.

Christmas cards are a reflection of your sentiment during the holiday season. These cards lift the spirits of the recipient as well.

Additionally, they are a gateway to marketing your business. It keeps your business at the top of the minds of the recipients.

If your products and services are helpful during the holiday season, sending a Christmas card could gain you more clients.

Similar to marketing, a Christmas card also helps with networking. You just have to make sure it perfectly displays you or your business.

Additionally, you can send Christmas cards with gifts and bonuses. It is a stress-free and convenient way to pass your well wishes if you cannot make it in person.

And finally, on a personal level, it is an opportunity to reconnect with long-distance family and friends.

For all these instances, you need a well-designed Christmas card that reflects your relationship with the recipient.

Additionally, it should be beautiful, eye-catching, and memorable. You need to make it so well that your recipients can’t help but display it or keep it.

Lucky, we offer a detailed guide on how to design a perfect Christmas card for your recipient. Keep scrolling to explore the guide.

The Design Process

  • Select Your Theme

First, you need to select a theme for the Christmas card. Choosing a theme depends on two factors, your relationship with the recipient and your favored style.

You could go with a traditional style, using classic images of Santa Claus, reindeer, ornaments, Christmas trees, and gift-wrapped presents. This is perfect for friends and family.

Alternatively, you could choose a trendy theme, playing into current events such as COVID-19, including highlights such as masks, gloves, and social distancing.

You could also go with a brand theme. This is where you use your brand to create a Christmas card. It is best for marketing and networking.

Additionally, you could choose a romance theme featuring messages of love, care, and romance. This is best for significant others and spouses.

Furthermore, you could also go for a humor theme, featuring messages with puns, funny pictures, and jokes.

  • Choose A Color Palette

Christmas is all about red and green. These are the traditional colors, and most people settle for this. However, do not be afraid to branch out.

You can try icy cool colors such as blue, white and silver. These have a calming effect on the mind.

You can also go for dark blue, gold, and mustard. This palette is a blend of classic ornamental shine and a cool modern look.

You can also choose your brand colors if you can make them blend well into the spirit of Christmas. It will leave you with a creative and memorable card.

  • Decide On The Message

Depending on the theme you choose, this should be easy. You could go with a classic season’s greeting such as ‘Merry Christmas or ‘Happy Holidays.

We prefer it if you personalize the message. Personal messages are more memorable and will make a bigger impact.

To personalize a message, use first or last names, and use words or phrases the recipient is familiar with.

Additionally, it is a good idea to play into your theme. For example, if you go with humor, include a pun or a joke.

  • Choose The Format

As for format, you have two options. First, you can create a digital Christmas card to send via email, social media, or even text.

Or you could select the printable format, which you can mail, have it delivered or give to the recipient.

If you choose a digital format, ensure that it is legible and easy to view. Save the card in a format that you are sure the recipient will be able to access.

Ensure that it is catchy and memorable. On top of that, ensure that the size of the card is right for each platform.

Instagram and social media take different sizes, so you will need to edit the card to make it viable for each of the platforms you want to share onto.

If you choose the printable option, ensure that you select a good printing company to make the card. All the colors and patterns should be clear and perfect.


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