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Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting has gained popularity and is becoming an essential part of the company-employee relationship. This act is a way for companies to create touchpoints with employees, potential clients, current customers, and even other businesses by using a gift. It could be a physical item, an edible treat, branded items, and intangible gifts such as concert tickets and holiday trips.

The psychology behind corporate gifts is the impact on the receiver of the present. Its effectiveness is high, and it is simply because of the feeling the recipient generates after receiving a gift. Picture the last time some unexpectedly got you something. However small the gift was, you likely developed a sense of ownership and thus highly valued it. Also, you develop feelings of trust and reciprocity to the gift giver. The same effect applies to corporate gifting.

Who Are Corporate Gifts For?

Often corporate gifts are meant for three main groups of people; prospects, clients, and employees.

  • For employees. If you are looking for excellent customer outcomes, you need to starts closer to home. People often feel valued and appreciated when they receive a token or gift for their efforts. With these feelings come the need to be loyal and put more effort into their work. Good quality personalized gifts are the best for employees. The best create a sense of being valued and help the employee feel connected to the company. It cultivates a sense of belonging that will reflect on how they go about their duties. Incorporate corporate gifts through recognizing your employee’s personal achievements such as graduation, recognition for years of service, or special recognition for outstanding work.
  • For clients. Clients, too, can benefit from a well-thought-out gift. It will let them know that you value their business and loyalty. Good gifts will encourage your clients to stick by your products and services. It could also inspire them to become brand evangelists, sharing with others about your company. Gifts will create a lasting emotional connection with your current clients. Just make sure they are valuable and high-quality.
  • For prospects. Lastly, corporate gifts can motivate those who don’t work with you to take that step finally. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to work with a brand if it offers personalized experiences. One way to do that is by offering gifts to these consumers. Sending the right gift at the right time to potential clients could be the changing factor that turns them into reliable customers. Figuring out who you want to target is the first step in developing ideal gifts for this group of people.

Corporate Gift Ideas

  • Company branded items. These are the most common types of corporate gifts. They are primarily given to prospects and clients. Company-branded things will spark the same feelings of value and appreciation. They will also effortlessly create brand awareness. When creating company-branded items, move out of the norms of pens and caps. Instead, go for bolder and creative items such as phone and laptop stickers, t-shirts, mugs, and shopping bags.
  • Personalized Items. Personalized items are the best gifts for employees. Why? Because they show the employee that you took the time to learn about their needs or wants, then incorporated it into a gift. That feeling will spark a bond between the employee and the company. This partnership translates to higher and more efficient productivity. Apart from apparel, you could also find unique gifts such as personalized headphones, Bluetooth speakers, phone cases, mugs, and stickers. Just be careful with the design, don’t let the company log outshine the print, and get the spelling correct.
  • Cards and calendars. Cards and calendars at the right time will have a significant effect on clients and prospects. People rarely buy calendars because it is not a practical purchase, considering digital advancements. However, they will appreciate a free calendar and even hang it on the wall or set it up on the desk, especially at the beginning of a new year. The same goes for greeting cards during holidays. You can incorporate these gifts through sales, where the client receives a calendar or card with every purchase. It is a small but very effective gesture.
  • Gift certificates. Lastly are gift certificates from restaurants, retail stores such as supermarkets, airfare, and more. These are focused on creating an experience rather than giving tangible items. Still, it will work for employees, clients, and even prospects. It is a way of giving them a break from the mundane of daily life. It propels them to a specific experience, and they will forever remember that feeling, tying it to your brand.

Final Thoughts

Corporate gifts have the power to create emotional attachments. These will translate to good and long-lasting working relationships. A crucial part of a successful business is appreciating those who are there for you and giving back. It is just as rewarding statically and enhances your corporate values.

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