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Staff ID Printing services Nairobi Kenya, Plastic Cards

Staff identification cards are a must-have for major corporations and businesses. Even small companies can benefit from good staff IDs.

ID badges first enhance the security of your company. They are identifications for all the employees in the building.

And, you can use them to restrict access to various parts of the building, preventing unauthorized access.

Additionally, badges give your employees a sense of identity. That way, you can address each other by name. It also makes customer interactions easier and more confident.

Staff ID is also a creative form of branding. They give the business a professional image, which clients and potential investors will keep in mind.

To achieve these benefits, you need to ensure that your staff IDs meet the criteria of quality and function.

Good staff IDs set you apart from other businesses. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all the characteristics that make a staff ID good.

Characteristics of Good Staff IDs

  • Durability

Good staff IDs are made from plastic. If not, they have a plastic covering. This is all to enhance durability.

These cards are investments. So you have to ensure that they last a long time. This way, you don’t have to print new ones every few months.

Durability ensures that they can withstand daily wear and tear. Additionally, it gives them a great look.

  • Legibility

Next, the staff IDs have to be legible. Your employee’s name needs to appear clearly, enough for everyone to read. Additionally, if you include staff photos, ensure that they are clear too.

Legible staff IDs make interactions between employees easier. Additionally, it will make customer interactions easier.

With clear names, employee information, and pictures, the customers will feel more confident interacting with employees.

  • Data Encoding

Many employee cards have some form of data coding. It could be barcodes, smart chips, RFID tags, and magnetic strips.

These features give them the power to use the cards to access building spaces, offices, and other facilities.

It is important to ensure that the data encoding works well. This way, none of your employees face challenges.

Ensure that your printing company gets the data encoding right.

  • Business Logo

Staff ID must-have business logo. Logos are important for identification and branding efforts.

If you make house calls or handle sensitive matters such as cash transactions, it helps to have the logo on your staff ID.

It puts customers at ease, diminishing thoughts of being conned and establishing trust. It also promises accountability.

Furthermore, a good logo on your staff ID creates uniformity and promotes brand awareness. Clients will tie your brand to professionalism and great looks.

Call Us for Staff ID Printing

Need staff IDs in a hurry? Not to worry because we handle bulk orders in no time!

As the leading printing service in Kenya, we strive to make your experience memorable. Therefore, we will provide you with employee cards that meet these criteria and more.

We promise to impress and deliver on time. And do it all at an affordable price!

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