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Welcome to print shop, where we’ve got your printing needs covered! From business cards to banners and everything in between, we’re here to make sure your prints pop!
Our team is always ready to bring your ideas to life. We  deliver high-quality prints that are sure to impress. So, whether you need to promote your business or create personalized gifts, we’ve got you covered!
At print shop, we believe that every print job is unique. That’s why we offer personalized printing services to cater to your specific needs. Our creative team will  create designs that are as individual as you are.
We understand that time is of the essence, which is why we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times. Need those flyers printed and delivered fast? No problem! We’ll get them done in a flash, without compromising on quality.
And the best part? Our printing services won’t break the bank! We offer competitive pricing to suit all budgets.  But wait, there’s more!  From bold and colorful to sleek and sophisticated, we’ve got a design to match every style. We’re not just about delivering great prints. We’re all about providing awesome customer service too! Our team is friendly, approachable, and always ready to help you out. Get in touch with us today and let’s get printing!

Get plain and customized T-shirts, Jerseys

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We deliver to:

Marketing Materials & Promotional Items

Digital Printing | Offset Printing | Sublimation Printing


Mounted Photos

Sizes from A4 to A0

From Ksh. 1,600

Travel | Thermal Mugs

Comes in white, and silver colour

From Ksh. 1050

Water Bottles

Comes in white, and silver colour

From Ksh. 750

Thermal Flask

Comes in White color

From Ksh. 1,250

Brochures Printing

Spread the word to your target audience using well designed tri-fold brochures.

Digital Printing

Get your documents printed and delivered to your doorstep. Prices starting from Ksh. 8

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Printing in Kenya - Printing Services in Nairobi - Prices and Delivery

Printing prices / cost from Print Shop Kenya varies with different kind of products you would like to print. If you are looking for a cost of printing a book or a Magazine in Kenya. Or cheapest printing services in:

Westlands | Village Market| Lavington | Karen

or other parts of Nairobi. Print shop  will make sure you get that quality printouts you need at the lowest price possible. Offering the cheapest printing services; we deliver to all major towns in Kenya such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Machakos; Thika, Nyeri, Eldoret, Nanyuki, Meru, Kakamega, Kisumu, Kiambu and others.

In addition, in Nairobi we do same day delivery; that is if you place your order before 10:00am in the morning. Our same-day delivery covers  areas such as Westlands, Karen (Ngong Road), Lavington, Mombasa Road, Eastlands, Langata Road, Rongai and other parts of Nairobi.

Flyers Printing Services in Nairobi

Flyers Printing Services in Nairobi Kenya

When marketing your business, brand, products or services; flyers are the main print-out items to consider. The size of these printed flyers is affected by the type of information you want to reach to your target audience. That is; number of words and images you want included in the flyers.

In addition, well designed flyers with good quality printing shows the big difference between your product; business or brand to those ones offered by your competitors. Eye-catching flyers will make it much easier for you to market anything. Whether products, business idea, campaigns or any other detailed information you would like to reach to your target audience.

Full color Printing

At Print Shop we normally print flyer items in full color and on a different types of art papers we have in Kenyan market.

On the other hand, we also print single-colored (monotone or duotone) leaflets; depending on the feel and the taste you have for different kinds of flyers.

Moveover, if you are looking forward to printing flyers/leaflets and have them delivered to your doorstep; with a free artwork design and without that much hustle. Print Shop Kenya is here to make sure you save time and money.

Flyers Printing Prices

All our flyers printing prices are pocket friendly. Considering the print quality you get. We offer free UV coating or lamination if you would like your flyers have that extra shiny look.

As a result, the shiny look makes them standout and make your brand campaign more attractive than the others.

When it comes to sizes, we have:

DL Size (1/3 of an A4) leaflets

Flyers are printed on either matt or glossy art-papers. Price depends on the size and quantity of the flyers you need.

For example, printing 500 pieces of flyers is cheaper per unit price (per piece) than in 50 pieces of flyers.

Business Cards Printing in Nairobi Kenya - Embossed

Embossed and Laminated Business Cards

In the business world, a lasting impression is essential. With professionally designed business cards; it becomes easier for you to market your business or brand to potential clients. Eye-catching design is simple and easier to remember.

Print Shop makes sure that your business or brand is the first thing that comes to clients’ heads. Especially when they think of products or services you deal with.

In addition, we have a variety of business cards products you can choose from. Starting from the simplest to the premium luxury ones.

Consequently, pricing depends on the type of paper you choose for business cards.

For example, the common papers we use are:
  1. Artboard (Art Card)
  2. Ivory Board
  3. Embossed

*grammage ranging from 300-350gsm.

Apart from paper type, other business cards are printed on plastic card materials. Some are either laminated (Glossy & Matt finishing) or with UV coating. If you need business cards printed and delivered fast to your doorstep anywhere across Kenya. Print Shop is here to help you get that service.

Firstly, you need to have the details that you would like to put on your business cards. For instance, your logo / brand name; the services you offer and also your contact details.

Free Artwork Design Offer

We offer free artwork design for those ones without their artwork ready. Our platform will give you an instant quote when you configure/choose your preferred printing options such as:

  1. Paper type
  2. Lamination finish
  3. cornering options

Secondly, after getting the instant quote you should click on the place order button that will take you to the checkout page. This is where you will give us your delivery address and get payment options available.

Additionally, our business cards types are single-sided business card, double-sided business cards; embossed business cards and four-sided (folded) business cards.

Furthermore, lamination and cornering options are offered for free.  Depending on the taste you have for different types of business cards.

Printing Prices

Prices is affected by the type of business cards you want to print. For instance, Four-Sided (folded) business cards will cost four times more than their single-sided counterparts.

Banners Printing Services in Nairobi, Stickers Printing

Banners Printing Services in Nairobi | Print Banner Online in Kenya

Display banners and signages are the best mediums used by most businesses and individuals for branding. They help them market their services or products with ease.

Print Shop Kenya is committed to helping you print these branding materials. Which include:

  1. vinyl banners
  2.  vinyl stickers
  3.  Honeycomb reflective banners & stickers,
  4. Clear Stickers
  5. Satin & flag materials.

Fast and with ease at a pocket friendly cost. considering the good quality you will get.

In addition, if you consider mounting a light box that will turn crowd heads at night. We have premium quality backlit materials and reflective honeycomb banners for that.

Our platform has different types of price calculators for banners, stickers and other large format items. It gives you an instant price for any size of the items above you would like to print.

Banner requirements

All you need to have is the width and height of your banners / stickers in metres. Well designed and attractive banners; printed on a premium canvas helps your business, brand a lot. When it comes to sending clear message to the prospective clients.

Moreover, It helps your storefront become more recognizable. Standout than the rest. We let you do the framing and mounting of these display banners at your place.

However, arrangements can be made to help you with mounting at an additional cost.

You need a banner, right? Choose a product from our banners and stickers category, configure (size, width & height in metres) and place order. We print and deliver to your doorstep for free. It’s time you save time and money – We do artwork design for free!

Brochure Printing services in Nairobi Kenya- Pamphlets

Brochure Printing Services in Nairobi | Print Pamphlets Online in Kenya

With the vast growth in printing and design technologies, it now much easier than before to layout and print outstanding booklets. All for your brand, products catalog, annual reports and company profiles to mention a few. These eye-catching booklets are either printed on matt & glossy art-papers or Bond paper. Depending on what you need as the client.

Moreover, Print Shop Kenya will give you all the options you need to choose from. These are booklet/brochure size and the type of finishing you want for your brochures. For the booklets / Brochures finishing, we give only UV varnish for inside pages.  Matt / Gloss lamination for covers, since laminating all inside pages can be a bit costing.


In addition, when planning to print brochures, annual reports, magazines or company profiles. You need to first prepare the content and decide how many copies you need. We will help you with layout design for free.

Brochure or booklet printing prices is affected by the size, quantity, number of pages and binding type you need. For example, perfect-binding (normally used in text books or magazines) tend to cost much higher than Saddle-Stitch (stapled) booklets.

Additionally, another factor that will affect the pricing is the content to be printed in the booklets. Full color content will cost more than black and white content. If you are looking forward to printing magazines, brochures, annual reports or company profiles, you don’t have to search for any other printing companies in Kenya.

Print Shop platform is here to help you save time and money; since we offer some of services for free, like layout designing in booklets. You place your order with us, we work for you and do a doorstep delivery.

Receipt Books / Invoices / Delivery Notes / Letterheads

Receipt Books Printing Services in Nairobi | Print Delivery Notes, Invoice Books printing in Kenya

When planning to have your receipt books, invoice books, letterheads ; or any other type of office stationery printed; quality, cost and time saving are the main factors to consider. Print Shop Kenya gives you all the above under one roof at a pocket friendly cost.

In addition, we are here to help you get the above items at your doorstep at a short time. Print all the office stationery on premium quality self-carbon papers for receipt books. Conqueror Papers for letterheads, Manilla Papers for School diaries and all other sorts of paper types in the market; for different products you would like to print.

If you are looking for:

  1. Complimentary slips,
  2. Exercise books,
  3. Spiral bound  student / tender documents presentation booklets,
  4. School diaries

Get them printed and delivered in any part of Kenya. is the right platform for you to get anything printable that you might need in your office or at working place. 

On the other hand, our stationary product pricing is affected by product type, size and number of pages for booklets.

Trade-Shows or Event Indoor and Outdoor Display Printing

Roll up Banners | Tear Drop Banners | Backdrop Banner Printing Services in Nairobi Kenya

For trade shows and events, both indoor and outdoor activities; we have printing / branding solutions for business or individuals carrying out these types of events. With a variety of Display-Products tailor-made to help the organizers sell their advertising space effectively. These product (items) include:

Additionally, the price for the above items is affected by quantity, size and materials used in making the products. If you are organizing an event,  you are looking for a branding and advertising company. We will supply you with event display printed items.

Print Shop Kenya is the best print-on-demand platform; where you can order and get your products delivered to your work place at a pocket friendly cost.

T-Shirts / Custom Shirts Printing – Screen Printing / Heat-Press

T Shirt Printing Prices in Nairobi | Hoodies Printing Services in Kenya

Printing a piece of cloth has now become easy with the emerging printing technologies. Most of these technologies being used in our beloved country Kenya. As a result, we use different approach when printing T-shirts or custom shirts depending on your requirements. Using modern  printing methods such as:

  1. Screen Printing (sing ink paste)
  2. Heat-Press (uses heat and pressure to imprint a design / graphic on a piece of cloth)
  3. Embroidery.

Firstly, we use either of the above three methods to print your T-shirt, Hoodie or custom Shirts. These items come in premium quality materials. The price is affected by type of clothes and the method used to brand your items.

i.e. Polo T-Shirts tend to cost more than their counterparts Round-neck T-Shirts.

On the other hand, the method used to print your clothes; Embroidery tend to cost more than Screen Printing.

We print these types of cloth items:

  1. Round-Neck T-shirts
  2.  V-Neck T-shirts
  3. Polo T-Shirts
  4. Custom Shirts
  5. Hoods / Sweaters
  6. School Uniforms
  7. Any other type on request

Secondly, if you need a printing company to do your cloth branding; Print Shop Kenya is the best.

Get these services and items at a cheapest price. Save money and time!

Posters & Calendars – Offset Printing

Posters Printing Services in Nairobi | Print Posters Online in Kenya

Promote your business, event or brand with Posters or calendars. They have enough space that will help you give out more information. Reach the target audience with ease.

Additionally, all our Posters and Calendars products are made using premium quality art paper. With UV varnish finishing to give that extra-shining feel. It makes your artwork more readable by potential clients.

Therefore, for the case of posters we print

  1. A1 Size
  2. A2 Size
  3. A3 Size

In most cases using the offset printing method.

On the other hand, calendars come in different types and sizes:

  1. Desk Calendars
  2. wall calendars.

Pricing for these items will be affected by the size, type and quantity. For example, a calendar with several leaflets tend to cost much higher than the ones with a single leaflet.

Consequently, A1 size posters will definitely cost much higher than the A3 size posters. A3s are smaller in size.

If you are looking for a printing company in Kenya. To do your Calendars or Posters print work, look no more. Print Shop Kenya is here to help you get these Posters and Calendars fast.

Wedding Cards, Postcards

Wedding Cards Printing Services in Nairobi, Postcards Printing in Kenya

When it comes to event preparation, using printed invitation cards is the easiest way to spread the word. More especially when asking for their support. Print Shop Kenya brings to you different options to print invitations. 

  1. Wedding Cards
  2. Graduations Cards
  3. Christmas Cards
  4. Success Cards 
  5. Postcards

We do it at a low cost but give you quality products.  Printouts clarity and the premium papers we use. From perfumed sparkling papers to the ones that are embossed. Make your target audience feel the weight of how strongly you need their support.

Postcards Prices

Moreover, the price for these cards will vary.  Depending on the finishing, cutting style and size.

If you are looking forward to printing any type of postcards in Kenya, Please feel free to say hello.

Label Stickers / Boxes Printing / Kraft Paper Bags – Packaging

Boxes Printing in Nairobi | Packaging Label Stickers Printing services

Printed Label Stickers or Packaging Boxes are of vital importance when it comes to selling your products. Certainly, how your package looks like matters a lot to the consumer. Well designed packages with good quality print finish will sell faster. Easily than the ones with a “dull” color. If your are in Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG) industry; and you are looking for printing companies in Kenya to print your labels, Kraft Shopping Paper Bags or boxes, look no more.

Print Shop Kenya has the best offers in packaging or labeling your products. We do it to make sure you get the best quality labels than your competitor.

Print Finishing

Above all, they come at a cheaper price! They also do have that extra shiny finish (UV coating). Making them standout than the rest from the shelves. Easier to clean dust from since they have a UV varnish coating.

Furthermore, the printing prices will be  affected by the size and the cutting shape. For instance “irregular shapes will need a Die-Cut)
You order, we deliver for free!

Pizza Boxes | Cake Boxes | Small Product Packaging Boxes | Clear Stickers | Round Stickers
Promotional Items – Branded Items

Printed Mugs, Diaries, Notepads, Pens Printing Services in Nairobi 

Give your business or brand that luxurious look it deserves. We are here to help you achieve that. Offering branding solutions with all sorts of promotional items in any business field including Kenya safari and all others. The common items being:

  1. Wrist Bands
  2. Pens
  3. Flash Drives
  4. Staff IDs/Students IDs
  5. Wall Clocks
  6. ID tags
  7. Bags
  8. Umbrellas
  9. Caps
  10. Mugs and drink-wares
  11. Diaries
  12. Notebooks
  13. Safety Gear (Helmets, Reflective Jackets)
  14. Mouse Pads
  15. Corporate gifts.

If you are looking for a promo items printing company in Kenya. You are at the right place.

That is to say, Print Shop Kenya gives you all this under one roof. Professionally designed and delivered to you.

Let’s start Shopping!


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