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Booklets, Brochures / Pamphlets printing in Kenya

Booklets printing in Kenya has become one of the most effective ways of creating marketing campaigns. Despite that most of Kenyans have electronic devices to browse for articles online; booklets still are widely used by large number of Kenyans. A large number of people in Kenya will spend much time reading novels, Newspapers and magazines than browsing the internet for articles. This makes it very important for Kenyans to print and make high quality and sleek booklets.

Moreover, booklets in the Kenyan market are made or come in different sizes. The size is affected by different factors such as the target audience or the budget.

Target audience factor in most cases apply if the booklet is printed for marketing campaigns. While on the other hand the budget will affect the size because smaller booklets are cheaper than the larger ones.

Booklets prices in Kenya

Booklets prices in Kenya will depend on the paper type used to make them. And also the size of the booklets, not to mention the color and the method used to bind them. Most of the widely used booklet sizes in Kenya are:

Booklets Binding

Booklets binding in Kenya is commonly done using two methods. We have:

    1. Saddle-Stitching (Stapling)
    2. Perfect-Binding
    3. Spiral Binding


Saddle-Stitch is another word for stapling booklets. It is the most widely used book binding method in Kenya today.  After printing, the paper sheets are folded and get stapled at the center. Where a small wire (staple) holds the paper sheets together.

In addition, Saddle-stitch booklets size is from 2 folded paper sheets to 56 folded sheets. The number of sheets will depend on the paper grammage used and also the paper type. Paper types used to make booklets are bond and Artpaper (from 115gsm to 200gsm).

Saddle-stitch booklets are commonly used for:

    1. Brochures
    2. Magazines
    3. Company Profiles
    4. Annual Reports
    5. Catalogues
    6. Product Manuals
Perfect Binding

Perfect bound booklets are slightly different from the Saddle-stitch booklets. Instead of them being bound using staples, they use glue; hot glue. Single paper sheets a first stitched using a string and then bound together with a hot glue at the spine. Making them more stronger than the ones bound using staples.

Moreover, perfect bound booklets have that professional finish you see in most of the magazines. Using this booklet binding method, you will bind books of different sizes from 36 pages to over 600 pages. Depending on the paper grammage used in making them.
Perfect-binding method is in most cases used to make:

    1. Magazines
    2. Product manuals
    3. Annual Reports
    4. Catalogues
    5. Novels
    6. Other Journals
Spiral Binding

Spiral bound booklets are very common in Kenya. They appear different from the perfect-bound and the stapled ones. This book binding method is done using a wire-0-wire spring or a plastic spring. Paper sheets are cut, get perforated using a binding machine and the spring put to hold the paper sheets together. How long the booklet will last will depend on the paper type used. Artpaper for example, tend to last longer than the Bond papers. Using this method, you can bind from as little as 5 sheets, up to 250 sheets. This will be affected by the size of spring and the paper grammage used.

Furthermore, this binding method is used to bind booklets such as:

    1. Note Books
    2. Company Profiles
    3. Product Manuals
    4. Year-Planners
    5. Catalogues
    6. Other record keeping booklets

Booklets/Brochures/Pamphlets offers in Kenya

At Print Shop, we give you discounted booklets printing services. From A5 size to A4 size. The prices are pocket friendly and negotiable. Whether you are printing brochures for schools, Medical or business campaigns or for any other purpose. We got you sorted on that. We print bind and deliver them to your doorstep. From Nairobi to any other part in Kenya. Delivery will be free of charge.

Booklets Finishing

After printing the paper sheets to make up a booklet. The outer covers in some case are laminated. This helps them become water resistant (not waterproof). An example of these lamination types are Gloss/Matt film lamination or UV coating. Both of these lamination methods will protect the covers or the inner pages.

However, UV coating will not give you the matt finish. It gives the desired shiny finishing result. It is much way cheaper than Gloss/Matt film Laminations. Film laminations comes in handy when done only to the outer covers.

What  you need to make a good booklet – The process

What you will be required of you to have a good booklet is the content. Content is the king when it comes to creating marketing campaigns or any other book. At Print Shop, we will help you layout and structure your content to look professional.

However, if you are a designer and you want us to print your booklets, you will share the files in PDF format. The PDF file should be exported with saddle-stitch or perfect-bound settings. Not to forget the file bleedings of 3mm if you are using Adobe InDesign for your layout design.

On the other hand, you may choose to export the “packaged” folder with InDesign file and all the “assets” included. By assets we mean all the images, PDF and Adobe Illustrator files that link to your document. This will help us to export a ready-to-print PDF file that we will use to print.
In addition, if you will be the one providing the ready-to-print PDF files, make sure that all the images are of high resolution.

A good image resolution will make your booklet look classy and professional. Not with blurred images that mess up your booklet quality. All the colors should be converted to CMYK and not the RGB colors.

What next?

After you have prepared some content, either for brochures, books, magazine or for any other form of booklet. And you have shared the files with us, you will use our platform to generate an instant quote for the quantities you need. In case you have any difficulties are free to contact us for help. We will calculate the pricing and share it with you.

What will be left for us is to print, and do other finishing. Then do deliver to your doorstep.

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