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Creative Ways to Stand Out With Your Business Card

Networking is an important part of running a business. Small, or large, you need to get word of your business to others who might help it grow through sponsorships, partnering, and even investing. When you meet someone interested in any of these aspects, the most common question they will ask is ‘do you have a business card?’ The worst answer you could give is ‘no’ because you will look unprepared, and unprofessional.

Secondly, the worst answer you could give is ‘yes’ then pull out a poorly designed and printed card.

Creating Impression

This small card makes a huge impression so if you present something mediocre, it will be the image of you and your business. With this in mind, you must ensure that your business card is professional and memorable. People receive business cards all the time, what makes yours so special? You have to answer that question by ensuring that your card is creative, and stands out easily.

Therefore, whether you are creating business cards for the first time or need a new set for your networking needs, follow these designs and printing tips.

  1. Choose A Unique Shape. Almost all the business cards you have come across were rectangular in shape right? Designers have stuck with this shape because it fits into wallets well conveniently. Unfortunately, has become too common and people will barely look at your card. If you give a business card with an equally convenient but unique shape, people will pay more attention.
  2. Choose A Better Size. Business cards have a standard size and most people do not question this. However, you should be wondering if your card fits into wallets without bending or folding at the corners. One item that fits perfectly into wallets is the national or even school ID. Therefore, reach for the same dimensions as the national ID if not smaller. This ensures that your cards do not bend or pose an inconvenience to carry in a wallet.
  3. Select A Unique Material. Gone are the days where standard white card stock(Artcard) was the ideal choice for business cards. Today, there is an array of materials available for business card printing. Therefore, select the most unique ones to make a memorable impression. Go for shiny, velvet, glossy, and more. Keep in mind that a heavier business card will make a bigger impact because it is easily noticeable.
  4. Adopt Minimalism. Minimalism is a promising trend right now and it dictates that you cannot fill your business card with chunks of information. Stick to minimalist trends to make your business card more legible, and so more appealing to look at.
  5. Put in a QR code. A QR Code will speak for your business. Since a business card cannot hold the whole list of products or services, you should ensure that people learn about it another way. When scanned, a QR code will open to a website or social media page where visitors can learn more about your business.
  6. Be Visual. The popularity of pictures and videos will tell you that people respond better to visuals. Therefore, ensure that any images or graphics that go into the design are high-quality, clear, and bright. Good visuals will have clients looking at your card longer.
  7. Avoid Linking Your Home Page. Whether you choose to put a QR code or the website link, you should avoid linking it to your website’s home page. This is because the homepage might not offer the best platform for engagement with users. Instead, link to an interesting landing page on your websites such as your competitive prices for services, or a catalog of your best products.
  8. Prioritize A Purpose. Your business card should have a specific purpose. It could be brand awareness, recruitment, sales, or even gaining a following online. Whatever, the reason, ensure that its design speaks to the purpose. Everything you put on the card should contribute to its function.
  9. Add A CTA. A business card is also a marketing tool and so a call to action or CTA should be a key feature. Ensure that your CTA is gentle but easy to notice. People are likely to respond to it before putting your card away.

The Takeaway

Making your card, as unique and memorable as possible increases the chances of getting the attention of clients, and investors. A business card is a glimpse of what it would be like to work with you so you should ensure it portrays professionalism, confidence, and reliability. Alternatively, you could take on a different approach and use small items such as branded pens, or USB drives as your business cards. It is very unique, and people will hold on to them longer because they have a useful purpose. However, whatever approach you choose, be sure to have a reliable design and printing service for the best results.

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