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Branded Wheel Covers | Spare Wheel Cover Printing Services in Kenya

If you have never used a wheel cover, then you should consider it. Tire covers keep out moisture from rain when your car is parked or in storage.

In addition, they keep rust and dirt from collecting in the rims of your car. This will save you a lot of money in maintenance.

But you should not just purchase any wheel cover. Go for something printed or customized. We offer branded and customized wheel covers for tires of different sizes. Print Shop is the ideal location in Nairobi to meet all your wheel cover needs.

We specialize in printing beautiful and eye-catching wheel covers for different cars. Therefore, do not look any further for a reliable printing palace for your wheel covers. You have found the best supplier in Kenya.

Advantages of Our Wheel Covers

There are many reasons why you should choose us for wheel cover printing. However, the qualities that make us stand out are:

Durability Materials

The best materials for wheel covers are UV-resistant vinyl and hard plastic. We use these materials to ensure that your wheels are well-protected. These materials are easy to fit onto the wheel. Plus, they guarantee longevity and hold the prints well. UV-resistant vinyl is our favorite, and you will love the look of the print.

High-Quality Print

We only use high-quality, long-lasting ink to print your wheel covers. The essence of a good print is how it rests on the eyes. We ensure that your wheel cover will capture attention with accurate and bright colors. Additionally, we will ensure that the print does not fade or break for a while. Trust us because we are print experts!


The only way to achieve uniqueness is through customization. We understand that, and we also know how important it is to remain unique. With that said, you can trust us for well designed prints on all tire covers. We will brand your logo or favorite things to give you a wheel cover that you can relate to.

Made To Fit

And finally, do not think your car tires are too big for a wheel cover. We are dedicated to inclusivity and serving everyone. Therefore, we will provide you with a decent wheel cover that fits well. No, loose or tightly fighting wheel covers here. Only genuine fits!

Call Us For Wheel Covers Today!

Need a branded wheel cover for your next promotion? Or do you need personal-use wheel covers? Whatever your needs, Print Shop can meet them. Our best quality is affordability, so do not hesitate to try our wheel cover services today!

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