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Branding For a Graduation Event

Graduations are a special time for the candidate and the graduate. With so much accomplished in a long time, it would be almost ungodly not to celebrate educational achievements.

Furthermore, a simple celebration will not do.
As many event planners will tell you when you plan a celebration, you either go big or go home. Therefore, instead of planning the usual celebration with the same old traditions, take it up a notch with a little personalization and branding.

Branding could be a crucial part of your graduation event. There are many opportunities to present branded items and décor according to your needs. Therefore, as graduation season reaches its peak, consider the following ways you can incorporate branding at your event.


First thing first, your invites. These days, graduation ceremonies are a lot like weddings. They are big, flashy, fun, and crowded. You need to create a sustainable guest list according to your budget and available space.
Once you have your guest list, it is time to send the invites. The days of sending texts messages are long gone. You need to step it up and create anticipation among your guests. There is no better anticipation creator than a personalized and branded invite; postcard.

Incorporate your theme, favourite colours, the name of the guests, and anything else you can think of. A great invite encourages your guests to attend and makes it more memorable. They will have an easier time remembering the date of your event with a creative invite.


How that you’ve sent out your invites, you need to take care of the venue. No event is complete without decorations; they are the heat of the ceremony. There are many options when it comes to decorations for a graduation celebration, from the traditional shiny synthetic flowers to balloons and rainbow ribbon.

A great way to add creativity to the decorations is by getting a few branded pieces for your party. For starters, you could have a personalized banner in your favourite colours or theme with a name of your choosing.
Another creative way is to get branded balloons. They make for great party favours, especially for young children. Another way is to get a branded sticker for your graduation cap that depicts a joke or funny message.


Traditional graduation attire is similar to other events. However, you can make it a little more memorable by getting branded apparel for you and your guests.

Firstly, as the grandaunt, you need to stand out on your special day. Underneath that gown, you could get a branded t-shirt or any other clothing with your favourite quote, funny words, or even a fun declaration of your special day. It is a great way to stand out and get noticed.

As for your guests, branded t-shirts or caps are a great way to bring uniformity to your event while maintaining playfulness. They also make unique keepsakes so that people will always remember your special event.


It is becoming a running trend to give gifts to the graduand and others during the graduation event. As you can already guess, something personalized or properly branded makes a more significant impression and is more thoughtful.

From mugs to t-shirts, and even notebooks; a branded gift is the perfect present for the grandaunt. As the grandaunt, you can also get branded items as gifts to those who helped you through your journeys such as friends, family, or parents. (Aluminum Framed Photos can come in handy.)

Moreover, gifts also could be excellent favours for your event. Get a few branded pens or bags for people to remember your special event. Gifts for the guests shows your appreciation and is a fantastic way to make an impression.

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