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What Is Hologram Printing?

Hologram printing is becoming more popular. And while the name does not mean printing a hologram, it comes close to it. Hologram printing produces a ‘holographic print.’ It is a rendition of a hologram on a flat surface. When you view the print, it produces a three-dimensional effect without the need for visual aids.

Applications of holographic prints include stickers, business cards, flyers, and more. These applications have made it possible for many business owners to mark their products for authenticity and help them stand out.

You, too, could benefit from hologram printing. Just keep reading to understand the basics and how it could improve your brand.

How Does Hologram Printing Work?

Hologram printing is a complex process that uses special paper. This is because holographic images cannot set on regular paper. To hold the print, the paper must have a metal or reflective coating.

The metal can be aluminum or steel. The metal or reflective coating is what creates a detailed and pixelated image. Under a microscope, this image looks like it has hills and ridges. To the naked eye, it creates a 3D effect.

The paper creates the 3D effect by scattering light and breaking it down into its constituent color wavelengths. These reflected waves then collide with each other to give a vivid and realistic 3D effect.

The printing process itself is very complicated. There are multiple stages to go through before you can create a print. Additionally, there are over 2000 lines in every millimeter of a holographic print.

Hologram Printing Applications

There are a few common applications for holographic printing. These include:

  1. For Security Purposes

It is not uncommon to find companies using holographic printing for security. Security holograms are labels with holographic prints. They are good for security because they are hard to replicate. Security holograms come from a single master hologram. The designer creates it and applies it to the security labels. Additionally, since the creation process requires expensive special equipment, it is hard to duplicate the master hologram. You will find security holograms on passports, credit cards, ID cards, and security badges.

  1. Official documents

Another common application of hologram printing is for official documents. You are sure to find holographic prints on official documents such as dental records. Additionally, you can find them on certificates, such as diplomas and degrees. You can also find them on official product documents such as electronics. The purpose of holographic prints on these documents is to certify their authenticity.

  1. Official Brand Merchandise

In the world of knockoffs, brand owners need to find ways to mark their products for authenticity. Many use hologram printing to mark their products. This is especially common in limited edition products. You will see hologram prints on designer goods and official merchandise such as cards, caps, action figures and toys, jerseys, and even shoes. This is very popular in the sports merchandise business, where counterfeiting can go unnoticed easily.

  1. Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry is in crisis. There are many sophisticated replication techniques to manufacture pharmaceutical products illegally. Unfortunately, if a fraudster duplicates a specific product to its looks, but it affects the consumers, it could mean major lawsuits and losses for the original manufacturer.

To prevent this, manufacturers use holographic prints to protect their products and mark them for authenticity. This way, consumers can look for the mark before using the products. Consumers who use products without the mark and suffer consequences cannot file a lawsuit against the original manufacturers.

Holographic Printing and Businesses

The main purpose of holographic printing is authenticity. It marks your product, and this is important for businesses. If you create or sell one-of-a-kind products, it is only a matter of time before knockoffs start appearing from everywhere.

Competitors will benefit from knockoffs because they are cheaper and look almost the same. But this means that you will count losses, and you will be at risk of losing your business. If this is you, then you need to consider holographic printing.

The mark of authenticity will help your consumers feel more confident in their purchases. You create a trust symbol for you and your consumers. That way, they do not hesitate to purchase from you.

Additionally, it separates you from the fraudsters, therefore protecting your brand. If there is no clear way to differentiate you from the knockoffs, then your brand could suffer. If the knockoffs do not live to high standards, people will associate your brand with bad reviews.

This means you will lose clients and even investors or partners. But with the hologram print, you separate your brand from the long-quality items. Should anything go wrong, your name is safe, and your clients remain confident.

And finally, this print is a great way to make your products stand out. If you do not do it for authenticity, do it to lure more clients or get people interested in your products.

What Is Hologram Printing?
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