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Cheap Branding strategies for your small Business

Branding is a practice carried out by a company or businesses where they create names, symbols or designs that distinguish them from other businesses. Branding not only makes your business identifiable, it also helps your customers understand the products or services you offer.

Firstly, let’s take a look at branding strategies that will help you boost your small business visibility in the market.

Expound your Brand identity

First thing first you will be required to define your brand identity. Your brand will show others who you are as a business. How you work and the way you treat your customers. Try to look professional in everything you do.  Find a simple and a memorable logo. A good logo and branding colors will “spread the word” to the public about who you are and the services you offer.

That is to say, you choose even the marketing materials wisely. If you plan to use printed materials such as Flyers, Brochures and postcards; find a good graphic designer who will be sensitive with your branding colors. The way he/she will design your marketing campaigns will have a big impact on how your business will penetrate the market.

Get to know your target Customers

When doing any marketing campaigns for your brand, it is good to know who you are dealing with; who your marketing campaigns will target. Get to know the age, gender, level of education of your target customers. Ask yourself why they will need your products or services.  By discovering this, you will move your products in the market easily.

Look for partnerships

When starting up a business or new brand, building trust is the hardest part and it is time consuming.  Try to look for partnerships with well established brands that are not in the same niche as your brands. By doing this, your new brand will be introduced to the customers by the news partners. The trust customers have for your new partners will be directly passed to our brand.

Start your campaigns as soon as possible

If you have everything set, it’s time you get started to campaigning for your brand. Be creative and get started soon as you can. Look for cheap and quality printed materials. This will help you spend less and get more value out of it in return.

At PrintShop.Co.Ke we supply printed markeing materials such as:

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