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Guide to Choosing the Right Dot Matrix Printers

A dot matrix printer or DMP is a type of printer that uses pins and an ink ribbon to transfer an image onto a surface. These printers are not that popular because they are considered outdated. This is because they are costly and do not create high-quality prints. However, they have their strengths, which lie in specialties that modern inkjet and laser printers do not have.

How Does It Work?

The printer works similarly to a typewriter. The characters and letters appear thanks to a matrix of dots. The print head has many pins in it, and it moves in the set direction. The print head strikes against a cloth ribbon soaked in ink. This is what makes the mark on the paper.

The dots are arranged closely together in a specific shape to make the desired character. This printing mechanism is also similar to daisy wheel printers. DMPs allow you to print different characters and graphics. Any character from a dot printer is due to multiple dots on a small area of the paper.

These types of printers are used for impact printing. They are ideal for printing multiple copies of text simultaneously, with the use of carbon copying. This is one of the advantages these printers have over modern printers.

Additionally, you are more likely to find these printers in places that require large amounts of text copies because of this advantage. They are faster in producing these copies. So, it is accurate to say that this type of printing is not dead.

Characteristics to Look For In a Dot Matrix Printer

  • Size. The first thing you should look out for in a dot matrix printer is its size. This is a check you need to do when considering any type of printer. Considering the size of the printer is all about accessing the room that you have. You can get a pretty good dot matrix printer to fit on a desk, and it will serve you well. However, if your demands are higher, you should consider a larger model because they can handle volume better.
  • Printing speed. When buying a dot matrix printer, you need to ensure that the printing speed matches your demands. Printing speeds for these types of printers are recorded in CPS (characters per second). Some printers can reach as low as 50 characters per second, while others can reach up to 5000 characters per second. You need to select a printer that meets the demands of your facility. If you are working with retail places, it is better to go with faster speeds for the convenience of customers.
  • Budget. Of course, you need to be very conscious of the price of the printer. However suitable it may be, you do not want to spend a fortune on a single device. Additionally, you should not sacrifice effective and quick functionality for the price. Consider the tasks you need to complete and create your price range. Be willing to go a little over budget for the multifunctional versions to help you accomplish more. Additionally, always buy from a trusted supplier to ensure you do not purchase it too high.
  • Print quality. Unlike most printers, the print quality of a dot matrix printer comes from the number of pins on the print head. Each print head has a specific number of pins. They vary from 9 to 24. The higher the number of pins, the better the quality. Always go for a quality that suits your needs. If the document needs better legibility, then more pins should suit you better.
  • Energy efficiency. These types of printers can run for hours without stopping. With this in mind, you need to consider energy consumption and your demand. You must pick a machine that is energy efficient, even if it runs throughout the day. Additionally, it should reduce the amount of paper used throughout the process. This will save you money and help with environmental conservation over time.
  • Added features. When selecting a dot matrix printer, consider if it has any added features. Some have elements, such as an auto-cutter. The auto-cutter enhances convenience and makes your work a little easier. Furthermore, if they offer other functions, you may want to consider them.
  • Durability and lifespan. Consider for how long you want to have this printer working for you. Luckily, dot matrix printers are built for busy work environments, so most are solid and durable. However, it is always good to select higher quality materials in their construction. Additionally, look for models that do not require a lot of maintenance.

The most important thing to note about dot printers is that you need to get them from a reliable supplier. These intricate printers have to come from reliable manufacturers to ensure that they serve you well, without any problems. It also helps to get a warranty with purchase.

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